#173 Define default branching scheme.
Opened 3 months ago by vondruch. Modified 3 months ago

There supposedly happened mass rebuild of Fodura modules. But unfortunately, it was not worth of the effort IMO, because the only result of the mass rebuild of modules for Ruby was this build:


This is IMO failure, because obviously master is quite meaningless branch in modularity (or at least in Ruby case). But obviously, the question is what to actually rebuild, if not master. And that is the problem. Modularity is so vague about branching model, that it is not possible to understand what branch is actually used and useful. It would be nice, if default branching recommendations are provided.

Also, https://pagure.io/modularity/issue/142 is related, because it really is necessary to avoid the explicit ref:, otherwise it is not possible to work with the branches effectively.

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