#172 Policy request: When to close module bugs?
Opened 4 months ago by bcotton. Modified 4 months ago

As you probably know, Fedora has a defined support period. Bugs filed against Fedora components in Bugzilla are closed when the associated version reaches end-of-life. But modules, by design, are decoupled from the OS lifecycle. There's no cross-component version to tie a bug to. The end result is that we could eventually end up with open bugs that are many years old and will probably never be addressed. We're not there yet, but I'm thinking ahead.

One approach is to say that module maintainers are responsible for closing bugs when they retire a module stream. This can work, but there's not a good way to track it. We can use the Whiteboard field in Bugzilla, for example, but this requires manual editing and is subject to typos, etc. It also doesn't address cases where the maintainer sort of disappears.

Another approach is to define a period after which open bugs are closed. For example, we might say that at each release EOL, the Program Manager will close all open module bugs older than three years. This has the advantage of being easy to automate, but there may be cases where a bug should be left open (of course, bugs can be reopened, but...)

A third approach is to ignore this because it's not currently a problem. At some point we'll want to address this, but that point doesn't have to be today.

I'm leaving it up to the Modularity WG to decide what the approach should be (if it's anything other than "ignore it", I'll propose the final decision to FESCo for approval), but I wanted to bring it up.

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