#166 Everything reference repository definition
Opened a year ago by langdon. Modified a year ago

With modularity, we have a lot of flexibility about not shipping artifacts that we don't expect end users to actually need/use. For example, filtered rpms, buildroot-only modules, etc.

However, this introduces an inconvenience for many packagers (and, occasionally, users). You sometimes need to reference/find/review/etc those rpms and modules that are "hidden" from the compose of the OS.

As a result, this ticket is to develop a document outlining what a new repository would look like, how it could get produced, and what it should contain (or, what use cases is it satisfying). At a minimum, it should address the points above.

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a year ago

I think the next step here would be creating a FESCo ticket for the new compose; once that's approved, creating an infra ticket for the implementation.

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