#163 Use case: All Fedora Rawhide specfiles
Opened a year ago by churchyard. Modified a year ago

I have an use case that I like to be addressed. I don't need a solution, I'd rather need a hint and then I can help script a proof of concept for this. I'm partially opening this to track the use case, rather than to ask somebody to work on this.

From time to time, as a "metapackager" (a packager that also packages/creates tools (such as RPM macros) or polices for other packagers) I need to run a quick grep over all Rawhide specfiles. This allows for example to analyze how often is a particular macro used in Fedora, or how it is used in most cases.

For non-modular content, a solution exist. There is a tarball with all rawhide specfiles from Fedora, generated daily-ish.


With the raise of the amount of modular content, it is probably no longer desirable to ignore it completely. I'd like to get all rawhide spec files including the spec files of modular packages.

What would be the way to get all rawhide modular specfiles?

I am looking for a way a script can get the list of all Rawhide modules and all their source packages (components) for all their streams and for each such package, get the modular branch. From there, I can construct a Pagure spec URL and fetch it.

So we need to file an infra ticket with steps how to gather the files.

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a year ago

I just need the steps how to gather the files. I can attempt to get it done then and once ready, we can open the infra ticket.

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