#157 Modules being built on one Fedora release and released to multiple Fedora releases should not have a fcXX suffix in package NEVR
Closed: Invalid 9 months ago by asamalik. Opened 10 months ago by ngompa.

When building modules against one Fedora release and tagging it in to be released across multiple Fedora releases, we should change the dist suffix used in packages so that it isn't fcXX but something a bit more generic. The fcXX suffix can mislead people into thinking the packages are old and broken, when in fact they were built that way on purpose.

Perhaps a fdr suffix instead? We used that in some early Fedora packages instead of fcXX..

What if you build on f29 but it supports running only on f29 and f32? I think having fc29 is still useful so you actually know where it was built so you can rebuild it at some point.

We think this is no different than an RPM not being built on the latest release, we probably don't need to do anything else for modules.

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9 months ago

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