#140 module-build-macros is not installed when building a module for platform:f30 context
Closed: Fixed 4 months ago by asamalik. Opened 9 months ago by ppisar.

Building perl-bootstrap:5.26 https://mbs.fedoraproject.org/module-build-service/2/module-builds/3394 fails because "perl" component fails https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=35292935 on installing dependencies because module-build-macros-0.1-1.module_f30+3394+7ab267b4 https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=33162445 is missing from the build root of "perl" build.

As a result the "perl" component requires nonexistent dependencies and disttag is "fc30" instead of a modular one.

I guess MBS or platform:f31 forgets to inject module-build-macros into @build group.

The module build is a resume of an older one. module-build-macros component is reused and perl component is a new one.

It seems MBS has been interrupted (restarted or stopped working and then restarted) in the middle of handling your module build and that module build is now in a weird state when the module-build-macros is marked as COMPLETE in database, but it never got to the code which tags it to the build tag.

I think the only way how to fix it is empty commit and rebuild.

The proper fix of this non-standard issue on our side is to not mark the module as "COMPLETE" until we at least requested tagging it to the build/final tags.

Metadata Update from @asamalik:
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4 months ago

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