#120 Please document how to test `fedpkg module-build` results
Closed: Fixed 9 months ago by asamalik. Opened 2 years ago by praiskup.

I was able to get to [1], and find my build IDs. From there I was clueless
how to find the modules.yaml file needed for 'modifyrepo_c' from [2].
@mizdebsk helped me to find the result (search the releated build info for module).

The link [1] though only points to Koji tags which are related to RPMs builds, not module builds.

  • Could we please fix [1] so the module build is pointed to by each build information page?
  • could enhance [2] docs so it is clear how to get the modulemd data (e.g. by koji buildinfo <..> + wget ... modulemd.x86_64.txt`?
  • bleh, could we automatize all of this, so we don't have to generate the repos manually at all? some script or so?

[1] https://release-engineering.github.io/mbs-ui/
[2] https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/modularity/hosting-modules/

Re automation, ODCS can be used to generate test comose, eg: odcs create --flag no_deps --sigkey cfc659b9 module postgresql:11:20181212114126:a5b0195c

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9 months ago

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