#111 Publish list of modules on the web
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I, as someone who

a, am manager/tech lead/indie dev/curious human being...
b, not running Fedora 29
c, or not running Fedora at all

want to easily see a list of modules that will help me to decide if I should deploy my project on Fedora. Basically to find out if my required module is there.

Since modules don't show app in 'packages' web application (or I don't know how to make them show up), can we just have a place where modules are listed?


This is harder than it seems, because this list is not a fixed value. For example, Fedora 29 shipped with Node.js modules for 8.x and 10.x, but I'm already working on adding 11.x shortly after release (upstream released it this week).

So someone (or some service) would need to be interrogating the available repos and constantly updating the list. Not an impossible task, but not as simple as writing a static website either.

For the record, you can always get the list of available modules by starting up a Fedora 29 system (such as pulling a Docker container from registry.fedoraproject.org/fedora:29) and running dnf module list.

We have a "Content Discovery" epic that should cover most of this. https://tree.taiga.io/project/modularity-wg/epic/5

The dnf module list is the way to get the list.

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