#103 "Building Fedora modules locally" doc lacks information on streams
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Step 1: Build your module

fedpkg module-build-local

Needs to include a discussion/example of what stream to use. I was able to get a build going using -s platform:f28 but I'd have never guessed this value based on the error message.

Ah good catch! I've completely forgotten that local builds don't support stream expansion when I was writing that. Thanks.

I'm traveling at the moment, so if no one else fixes that in the mean time, I'll do that in a week or so.

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Reopening: The change to the doc is good but not sufficient. We need to have fedpkg explain the error in greater detail (ideally providing a suggestion on which values they should set).

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@sgallagh to me, this issue felt like being only about the docs. I definitely agree with the point you're making. Should we file an RFE for fedpkg?

I'm not actively working on implementing it in fedpkg, removing myself from the assignee so someone can pick it up.

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