#73 Need to filter out rpms from platform 'module'
Opened 2 years ago by karsten. Modified 2 years ago

Platform isn't a real module anymore, but we still might want to filter out rpms that are available in it so that we can get the minimal dependencies for a module.

fedmod resolve-deps nginx| wc

fedmod resolve-deps -m platform nginx| wc

This second number should have been significantly lower (<5)

How is this feature expected to work?

With virtually all content also being available in the platform now, you would end up with just one package, if any. Guess my question is what exactly we're hoping to achieve here.

This is about finding out which dependencies aren't satisfied.
We might get to a point where we need to build a module with the package 'foo' that needs other packages that are not in 'platform'.
Right now we would then need to manually check the output of 'fedmod resolve-deps -m platform foo' against whatever we ship in platform and remove those from the list.
I agree that this is low priority as one would find out quite soon that there are unsatisfied dependencies, but there is a use case for this.

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