#24 Set up pre-merge CI
Opened 2 years ago by ncoghlan. Modified 2 years ago

While the current test suite is fairly rudimentary, it at least covers the basic functionality, and provides a baseline for collecting coverage data and both adding more tests, and removing no longer needed code.

@langdon Is there an existing CI environment we can just use by configuring Pagure's Jenkins integration appropriately?

https://wiki.centos.org/QaWiki/CI/GettingStarted expects me to maintain my own Jenkins host, and I'm not interested in doing that, so if that's the only readily available option for Pagure, I'd suggest switching to GitHub+Travis instead.

Another advantage of GitHub+Travis would be the ability to use Travis's PyPI publishing support: https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/deployment/pypi/

Given that setup, publishing a new version is just a matter of doing "git tag X.Y.Z && git push --tags"

Looking at https://pagure.io/fm-orchestrator/pull-request/748 led me to https://jenkins.fedorainfracloud.org/, so I guess the key questions would be:

  • How do we request a project definition there?; and
  • Can we use a Jenkinsfile to define the testing setup?

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