#70 Funding Request: Plane Ticket to DevConf.CZ
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brought over from Fedora-Coucil where I erroneously posted this first

Hi Mindshare committee,

I recently (wrongly) assumed that my team (Fedora QE) would have the budget for a plane ticket to Brno to present at DevConf.CZ and was accepted to present a talk (Getting Started in Fedora QE). I know that DevConf is not an event that Fedora or RedHat budgets travel costs for, but I think my talk would benefit users and developers alike. As I have been involved in Fedora QE for 2 1/2 years working remotely, I believe I have a lot of experience getting involved in Fedora, interfacing with people on other teams who are contributing, and having a presence in QE that benefits Fedora as a whole. I think this experience could be shared among other developers and users alike to benefit them in their day-to-day work, especially those who work remotely or away from other Fedora users and are having a hard time making their voices/changes/work heard.

All this to say, I would like to ask for assistance from Fedora to finance my plane ticket to Brno to present at DevConf.CZ this year. I have already been accepted to present, assuming I can actually arrive in Brno in January. I know that this is not something that is usually budgeted for with DevConf and that this would be a special case, so if the committee finds this request dubious, I understand.

My estimated costs and itinerary are as follows: I plan to leave from Denver International (DIA) on January 23 and arrive in Vienna on the 24 in the afternoon, where I would take a train to Brno for the conference. On departure on January 28, I would take a train to Vienna from Brno, and depart via plane from there. The plane tickets are around $620 USD and the train tickets are about $40 USD, totalling an asked-for grant of ~$660 USD.

Thanks for reading.
Geoff Marr
IRC: coremodule

Hey @coremodule! I suggest estimating your travel costs for the committee too. Use Skyscanner to approximate your costs. I'm not sure if you have traveled to Brno before, but if not, look at options to either Prague or Vienna. There, you could take a train or bus to Brno since it's much cheaper that way (Brno has a tiny and expensive airport). Bus / train tickets run from $25 - 50 USD (if I recall correctly).

Also, for what it's worth, I think this is an interesting topic and I'm impressed by the work you are doing in Fedora too. I'm not sure if Fedora QE interacts often with Fedora QA (aside: it is helpful, outside of this ticket, to better define that relationship), but I know @adamwill was approved in #67 too. I'm not sure if the face-to-face time with him is useful, but I imagine there will be interesting conversations around QA/QE and Fedora this year at DevConf (especially with the new Lifecycle objective and the CI/CD objective).

My vote doesn't weigh anything, but I would give a +1 on the motivation to attend. I suggest editing in a travel estimate to help committee members make a decision based on current numbers for the rest of this fiscal year.

@jflory7 Thanks for sending that tool and bit of advice! See the edits above in the original post reflecting approximated costs. I use Fedora QE and Fedora QA interchangeably, I agree, clarifying that at some point would be helpful. I also agree that having a bit of face-to-face time with @adamwill would benefit me and Fedora QA/QE greatly.

@coremodule Thanks for filing the ticket, I have a couple of questions and it might help the mindshare to understand the ask better and help us come to a decision. There will be an lazy consensus and this will be discussed in the next meeting

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@sumantrom I will attend the meeting to answer any questions the committee might have.

The Fedora group is officially called "Fedora QA", whereas the Red Hat-internal quality org is called "QE", so the team Red Hat pays to work as part of Fedora QA can be referred to, in a Red Hat context, as "Fedora QE". Simple, no? :D

+1 from @sumantrom, @bt0dotninja, @x3mboy in our meeting.

This is approved.

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Please prioritize getting the event report and budget ticket in ASAP so we can pay this in this FY.

(I deleted my original message.)

Whoops, commented on wrong ticket.

@coremodule if this is going to be reimbursed it needs to be done TODAY!

Will be submitted by 1900UTC, 12 February 2018.

budget ticket in progress. Thank you.

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