#67 Funding request: Devconf.cz 2019 travel
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Hi, Mindshare folks. I've proposed and had accepted two talks for Devconf.cz 2018, but do not currently have any budget available to cover travel to and from the event, so I am requesting some funding for this.

One of the talks is specific to Fedora - "Things Fedora QA Robots Do" (it will be about all the automated processes we have deployed around the Fedora release process). The other talk is a more general/conceptual one, but will be of interest to a Fedora audience and will use examples from Fedora development.

There are also always lots of other sessions related to Fedora and important Fedora-related discussions going on at Devconf, since so many Fedora folks attend, and I'd like to be around for those.

The costs I'm requesting from Mindshare are my flights to and from Europe for the conference, and the train travel from Vienna to Brno. My planned itinerary is to fly from Vancouver into Vienna on 2019-01-22, train to Brno on 2019-01-23 and fly out from Manchester (UK) after a family visit (self-funded, of course) on 2019-02-04. Devconf covers the hotel costs for the conference days, and I'll be covering the rest of the hotel and incidental costs from a different source.

The estimated cost is US$984 - US$950 for the flights and US$34 for the train.

Thanks very much!

Adamw leads most of the community of Fedora QA and he has been the one who has mentored me when I started contributing to Fedora project. Having Adam at Devconf.cz is a great idea as no only he will be speaking on Fedora release process but will also get to interact with people who are currently working on the release engineering end to bring down the compose time and lot of other processes which will bring changes in the way Fedora QA community and its contributors operate. I totally +1 adamw request for travel budget.

I'm in complete agreement here... +1 to @adamwill's request.

Sounds very reasonable +1 too

Can I ask what is the time frame for a formal decision here? Devconf asks speakers to confirm participation "no later than December 5", so I need to do it today or tomorrow. Thanks!

+1 this is approved.

Adam, please post an event report on the comm blog or your personal blog and put the link in this ticket.

Then please contact @bex directly to work out the reimbursement process.

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3 years ago

thanks folks! will do.

Please prioritize getting the event report and budget ticket in ASAP so we can pay this in this FY.

yeah, I just got home yesterday, I'm on it :)

Trip report - @bex , where should I file a 'budget ticket' and what is required in it? Thanks!

@adamwill Thank you. You can either file an RH expense report and do a cost center transfer ASAP (ping me directly via email for the approval) or file a ticket in http://pagure.io/fedora-budget

budget ticket in progress - this one is complete.

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3 years ago

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