#58 Funding Request for participation in Linux Autumn, Ustroń, Poland
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My talk "Securing your daemons using systemd" was accepted for the conference. I'll also be participating in the F29 release party (discussed in ticket #53).

Costs: 500 PLN conference registration, accommodation and food during the conference, 120 PLN train tickets, altogether 620PLN=145EUR.

Answers to some specific questions from @bex:

if the talk will be recorded or streamed

I will be publishing my slides before the talk, but I don't know if the talk will be recorded. The conference seems rather low-key, so I don't expect it to be.

can we do some social media to promote your talk?

I don't think it makes much sense at this point. All conference participants are probably already long decided and the conference is single track. Ustroń is a small town, so it's unlikely that somebody can pop-in just for some talks. So those who will be there will be there, and that's it.

would you be willing to write an article about your topic in
addition to the talk

I'll be happy to do that. I'll have to gather some materials anyway for the talk, so I can produce an article relatively efficiently.

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It looks ok for me

+1 and let's do an article afterward so we can get additional impact from your talk. Promoting a talk isn't always about driving people to the talk, it is about building excitement about a topic + Fedora.

I agree w/ @bex. +1 from me, especially if there's an article after the event.

+1 it looks fine for me.

@zbyszek I believe we have consensus here. Please open a ticket in pagure.io/fedora-budget to get reimbursed. There is a template there. You will need to write an event commentary or a write up about your talk. I encourage you to post this on Fedora Magazine or the Fedora Community Blog - but your own blog or platform is fine too. Please put the link in this ticket.

I encourage you to think about these questions when you are writing, however they are not all mandatory. This may lead you to doing to writeups, one about your talk (awesome!) and one for the community to understand the event better (also awesome!).

1 What was your goal with attending and what was the event?
2 What happened? Who was there?
3 Thinking about our participation in the event, what went well? What needs improvement?
4 Should we do this again? Why/why not?

I realize that this event was this weekend, however this ticket was filed very close to the event. In the future these tickets will ideally be opened much sooner. That said, I also recognize that this event did late speaker notifications.

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