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+ Note: The Fedora Project does not use mash any more. This software is

+ deprecated. If you have permissions to a Koji system, you can use Koji's

+ built-in dist-repo feature to generate Yum repositories. If you have access to

+ the /mnt/koji filesystem, you can use Pungi for more complex configurations.

+ https://pagure.io/pungi


  mash is a tool that creates repositories from koji tags, and solves

  them for multilib dependencies.


As discussed on infrastructure@lists.fedoraproject.org today, we don't
use or develop mash any more.

Point users at Pungi instead.

@ktdreyer Actually, the replacement for Mash is dist-repo in Koji itself.

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Good idea. I've amended this PR to mention Koji's dist-repos.

There is no real replacement for mash, dist-repo requires koji permissions to run, so someone at home can not run it, on the other hand pungi is heavier and more featureful and also requires access to /mnt/koji where mash can be run at home to make repos from tags without any special permissions or direct access to the disk. while mash is not really used anymore and has not been ported to dnf and python3 it does serve a purpose that is not served elsewhere.

If Mash is still valuable, then port it, or at least put out a call for help to get it migrated to DNF and Python 3.

Heh, I forgot that I had worked on doing just that in #13. Well, I don't know how to complete it anyway...

Whoops, I did not realize Pungi requires direct disk access to /mnt/koji. I see now that you're right Dennis.

Looking at the Pungi source, technically Pungi could build out its Koji pathinfo from the profile's topurl instead of topdir, but that would be the relatively easy part. The more difficult part would be abstracting out all the direct filesystem reads to operate over HTTP instead.

I've updated this PR to include the caveats you've mentioned.

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