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tool to create repos from koji tags
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mash is a tool that creates repositories from koji tags, and solves
them for multilib dependencies.

Mash takes a .mash settings file and generates a yum repository.

For example:
$ mash --output /mnt/repo/ f15

This tells mash to generate the repository to /mnt/repo, and to use
the configuration file "f15.mash".

Mash's main configuration is at /etc/mash/mash.conf, which contains
basic settings for using mash. Individual configurations end in mash,
such as 'rawhide.mash' or 'f15-updates.mash'.

mash is a Fedora build system tool. For discussion, comments, and
patches please send mail to:

Or open a pull request at:

Bugs can be filed at:
under the 'mash' component.