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Python based regression tests for libvirt API
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Python based regression tests for libvirt API

Libvirt-test-API is designed to test the functionality of libvirt through Python bindings of libvirt API. It supports writing cases by using the Python language. It supports testing for KVM and Xen ethier paravirt (for which only Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests are currently supported) as well as fully virtualized guests.


An user guide is available in publican/DocBook sources under docs/User_Guide/libvirt-test-API_Guide it describes the software goals, explain how to write new test software and the configuration files for it, and then how to run the tests. The last section explain how to hook it into Autotest.

A pregenerated PDF version is available at or

To regenerate the documentation, you must have publican installed, then cd to docs/User_Guide/libvirt-test-API_Guide, double check the publican.cfg config file and then run make, the resulting files will be generated in a tmp subdirectory.