This is a module providing LAMP webserver including lamp executable used for its management. Purpose of this package is to simplify common webadmin workflows for php applications.

For this module to operate correctly, you need to adopt certain practices in your application setup. Given that you passed APP to lamp load, ensure the following is true for your application:

  • database user is set to APP
  • database name is set to APP
  • database password is empty
  • database connection goes through /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
  • application location is /srv/www/APP
  • there is /srv/www/APP/logs directory writeable by apache
  • the main callable is /srv/www/APP/index.php
  • domain is APP in your application settings (if applicable)

These restrictions, while they might seem daunting at first, are actually very convenient for web administration process.


git clone
cd lamp
tito build --test --rpm