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If the developers have upload one or more tarball(s), you will be able to find them in the release folder.

The CHECKSUMS file contains the checksums (sha256 and sha512) of the files uploaded to pagure.

To use this file, simply download it next to the tarball you downloaded and run

sha512sum -c CHECKSUMS

Prepare kiskadee 0.4.4 release. • 8 months ago
This release focus on improving code readability. It's a big refactoring of monitor and runner code. We also have cleaned some useless tests and organized it on different levels (unit, functionals, integration, plugins, api).
kiskadee version 0.4.3 • 9 months ago
kiskadee version 0.4.2 • a year ago
kiskadee version 0.4.1 • a year ago
a year ago
kiskadee release 0.3.1 • a year ago
a year ago
a year ago
Minor fix in analyzers method. • a year ago
a year ago
Stable version 0.2 • a year ago
Version 0.1 • 2 years ago