Releases 10

If the developers have uploaded one or more tarball(s), you will be able to find them in the release folder.

Overview of changes: * Updated Makefile for jattool-tdk-0.1.0
Overview of changes: * Added new system_TargetEUSInfo module to coverage test This is a new module implemented by BZ#1723937.
Overview of changes: * Worked around deprecation warning in ast/system-requirements-memory * Removed coverage warning from ast/static-lists
Overview of changes: * Updated for shellfu-bash-jat-0.0.15 * Moved static tests to separate directory
Overview of changes: * Added plans for easy RHTS integration
Overview of changes: * Updated module list after pam=R117
Overview of changes: * smoke/coverage won't report invalid results on fail anymore * Updated ast/extreme-risk-for-power6 to make use of JATS params * Fixed system-requirements-memory with regards to executable bit * Fixed syntax error created when porting from Beakerlib * Cleaned up diagnostic code on smoke/coverage
Overview of changes: * Port most tests from downstream suite Expect bugs, but most were ported cleanly. * Removed aide-database-warning test We were too fast to port this one; we don't yet have infrastructure in-place to be able to install test-specific requirements.
Overview of changes: * Added test for xccdf_preupg_rule_system_aide_check