Releases 11

If the developers have uploaded one or more tarball(s), you will be able to find them in the release folder.

Overview of changes: * Added demo for jat__abort()
Overview of changes: * Updated Makefile for jattool-tdk-0.1.0
Overview of changes: * Added demo of jat_dump functions Ported from d/dump and added jat_dump__var() on top. * Updated jattool/tdk include path * Fixed text around helper script * Added few missing docstrings
Overview of changes: * Updated for shellfu-bash-jat-0.0.15
Overview of changes: * Added couple of silly plans * Add demo for quoting types
Overview of changes: * Added demo for parametrization * Moved jat__submit*() show-off to diag phase
Overview of changes: * Added demo of jat__submit*() API
Overview of changes: * Replaced tests with more useful examples Better structured and oriented to demonstrate various features and behaviors. No more funny names such as 'foo' and 'bar'. * Fixed few c/p errors
Overview of changes: * Various meta-data updates and fixes
Overview of changes: * Added basic * Added version skeleton jattool now supports test version and reads it from .jats/version, ie. we can unleash the MKit power on test suites. * Injected arbitrary fails into xcosi Just to make things more interesting... * Added example of jat__submit() * Updateed 'advanced' test to contain pass-able code * Added vcs-browser URL