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Jason’s Copying Information Checker

Over time, I’ve declared the copying information for files in many different ways. Every method has advantages and disadvantages. I’ve settled on the following system:

  1. If a file has a license, a. Use an SPDX license list short identifier to declare the file’s license. b. Use SPDX File Tags to declare the file’s CopyrightText. c. Use SPDX File Tags to declare the file’s Contributors. Don’t include any contributors that are already mentioned in the CopyrightTexts.
  2. If the file is dedicated to the public domain using CC0, a. Use an SPDX File Tag to declare a Notice for the file. The notice should say > 🅭🄍1.0 This file was dedicated to the public domain using the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication <>. b. Use SPDX File Tags to declare the file’s Contributors.
  3. If the file can’t contain SPDX license list short identifiers or SPDX File Tags, then put them in another file that’s next to the first one. That other file’s name should be the same as the first files name, just with “.spdx-meta” added to the end.

The goal of this project is to provide a tool that checks to make sure that a project conforms to that system.


If you decide to contribute to this project, then you may want pre-commit to automatically check your contributions. To do so:

  1. Make sure that the pre-commit command is installed: a. Run pre-commit --version b. If you see something along the lines of “pre-commit 2.15.0”, then the pre-commit command is installed. If you don’t, then follow these instructions to install the pre-commit command.
  2. Install the pre-commit hook: a. Change directory to the root of this repo. b. run pre-commit install

Now, when ever you git commit, pre-commit will run a series of tests and stop you if any of them fail.