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Simple script to check if something is in RHEL
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Author: Pierre-Yves Chibon
Version: 1.0
License:GPLv2 or any later version
is-it-in-rhel is a command line utility to find out if a specific package
is packaged in RHEL or not.

Install Prerequisites

yum install python-requests

Get and Run the Source

git clone
cd is-it-in-rhel


Use the --release option to restrict searching to a specific RHEL release:

$ python kernel --release 7
kernel is in RHEL 7;   version: 3.10.0;   archs: noarch, ppc64, x86_64

Use the --search option to allow imperfect match:

$ python turbogears --search --release 6
TurboGears2 is in RHEL 6;   version: 2.0.3;   arch: noarch

Use the --channel option to see in which channel the package can be found:

$ python gnome-terminal --channel --release 7
gnome-terminal is in RHEL 7;   version: 3.8.4;   archs: ppc64, x86_64;   channels: rhel-7-for-power-rpms, rhel-7-server-rpms