#91 Vulgar and Derogatory Remarks in #fedora
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by rhl.

This feedback is:
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My IRC nick is: rhl

Please briefly describe the interaction that caused you to file this ticket:
I asked for help creating a live usb, since after following the instructions on the wiki, I was experiencing some trouble.

Please note other IRC nicks that are involved in this interaction:

Please describe what action or positive change could be adopted based on this feedback:
Volunteers who [repeatedly] act out of line should not be asked to donate there time to #fedora, but encouraged to volunteer in a place where they don't have to be the outward face of our wonderful community.

Any additional notes or logs:
I have also had positive interactions with this user, but the good is outweighed by the bad.

I trimmed the log from last night to view.

Sorry to hear about the experence. ;(

EvilBob was sorry he got mad.
We all agreed to try and be more professional when stepping away from trying to help someone.

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