#90 "Friendly" part of Fedora's byline could use work
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My IRC nick is: digimer

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Given Fedora's byline of "Freedom. Friends. Features. First.", it strikes me that the second is being quite missed on #fedora. I can only imagine how many potential fedora users have given up and gone to distros like ubuntu/mint, given the atmosphere of the channel. Being a biased observer though, I invite SIG to idle in the channel and make up their own mind.

For this ticket though, I'll include my most recent experience.

22:37 -!- Irssi: Join to #fedora was synced in 2 secs
22:37 < digimer> hi all, under f16, where do I find 'gpk-repo' (or it's replacement)? 'yum provides "/gpk-repo"' and 'yum list | grep gpk' turn up nill
22:38 < [R]> what was gpk-repo?
22:39 < digimer> apparently a gui for enabling/disabling repos
22:39 < digimer> http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/14/html/Software_Management_Guide/ch03s03.html
22:40 < [R]> what are you trying to do ?
22:41 < digimer> follow the rawhide docs
22:41 < digimer> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/Rawhide#Yum_update_from_previous_release
22:41 < [R]> a) dont use rawhide if you dont know what you are doing
22:41 < [R]> b) dont use rawhide
22:41 < [R]> c) rawhide isn't supported here
22:41 < digimer> >_>
22:41 < digimer> I have a reason to use it
22:42 < EvilBob> Heh
22:42 < [R]> you want to break your system?
22:42 < [R]> ah...
22:43 < digimer> [R]: I appreciate your help, but I know what I am doing. I have a good reason for using it, and I was just looking for help finding a program. :)
22:43 < [R]> as i stated...
22:43 < [R]> [08:46:52] [R] c) rawhide isn't supported here
22:43 < digimer> that's fine, I'm not asking a rawhide-specific question.
22:43 < [R]> if you know whatyou are doing... just edit the repo stuff in /etc
22:43 < EvilBob> If you knew what you were doiing you would not be here looking for help
22:43 < digimer> [R]: I did, but I was curious
22:44 < [R]> EvilBob++
22:44 < digimer>
sigh* - I see this channel is as friendly as ever
22:45 < EvilBob> digimer: Oh give it up
22:45 < digimer> the machines are currently bone-stock f16 at this time. I am curious what package provides, or what package replaces, gpk-repo. If you don't know, it's all good, I'll keep looking
22:45 < EvilBob> digimer: You are the problem, not this channel or the others in it
22:45 < EvilBob> Freaking cop out and blame the channel as being "unfriendly"
22:47 < EvilBob> digimer: Take your top secret reason for running rawhide and float
22:47 < digimer> secret? I didn't say because I didn't think it mattered.
22:47 < hendrikz> lol
22:48 < EvilBob> You never know, there might be a way to do what you are trying that is sane
22:48 < EvilBob> But no, you bring an XY problem to the table and blame everyone else
22:48 < digimer> I've taken on the release-manager position, I need to test releases on rawhide.
22:49 < digimer> as I said before, my question is simple; on a bone-stock f16 machine, what provides/replaces gpk-repo. Pretty simple, I think.
22:49 < EvilBob> "release-manager position"?
22:50 < digimer> yup, surprising, I know.
22:50 < EvilBob> the one bent at the hips firmly grabbing your ankles?
22:50 < digimer> that's my secret reason.
22:50 < digimer> look, relax. I'm not here looking to argue.
22:50 < EvilBob> Yes you are
22:51 < EvilBob> You are the one that played "I see this channel is as friendly as ever" as your opening card
22:51 < EvilBob> You get what you give
22:52 * digimer shrugs
22:52 < digimer> I'll keep looking then, thanks for the help
22:53 < EvilBob> digimer: release manager? Make sure the "suggested and supported" upgrade methods work next time
22:53 < EvilBob> digimer: because those of us that actually support them... are sick of them getting top billing and not working

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EvilBob is the consistently mocking/rude user.

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I'll leave this to the discretion of SIG.

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Just idle in the channel. I've had negative experiences more than half the times I visit, and I won't idle in the channel due to the general rudeness/mocking behaviour. Given Fedora's decline in popularity though, I figured it was time to submit a ticket.

Thanks for your feedback!

Discussed at the 2011-12-01 meeting.

Sorry to hear about the experence.
We all agreed to be more professional when pointing people to #fedora-qa for rawhide support.

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