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#89 #fedora-social.log, bad words

Created 6 years ago by lamah
Modified a year ago

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My IRC nick is: lamah

I have just a wrote a text about, posted sense in the channel and i got a insults from this user dwebb, for nothing

Another users in chan, yes all users have read this, eg. nirik

Positive description: Of course here is a community network, and that is a social channel, needs to have a talk-to-talk social contacting, relaxing and just to talk positive. Community is free and is the one of rules by and also for Fedora.

No additional notes, I don't want to have a bad words from someone, and also for nothing, here is the log:

some general thoughts:

a) As is clearly noted at the #fedora-social channel sometimes has strong language. We could of course revisit this, but many people prefer being free to say whatever they feel without having to self moderate in social situations. We could perhaps add that note to a join message to make it more clear...

b) It seems this escalated when folks inquired what things you found offensive. A simple answer with the words you dislike or the like should have sufficed.

c) For the social channel, I'd personally advise using /ignore on people who offend or bother you. Or using another channel for social interaction.

d) finally, remember... Not only does someone have to give offense, but you have to accept it too. Simply ignoring or not letting people's words bother you can get you pretty far in life.

I'm sure we will discuss this at our next meeting.

Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry again about this incident. Please do reopen this if you have further suggestions or would like to answer/discuss the items above.

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