#169 Unfriendly attitude from channel users
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Upon raising legitimate issues regarding Fedora security, a few users such as EvilBob and fenrus02 resort to personal attacks, mockery and insults (not strong language, but still insulting), e.g.: being told to visit a mental health professional. They also repeatedly claim they've already answered or that I don't know what I'm talking about when it's clearly not the case, tell others I'm trolling in some way or another and offer unconstructive advice like "you're free to use something other than Fedora" or "fix it" while being ignorant of the issue being raised. There seem to be no attempts at moderating discussion from channel staff.

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Moderate discussion and create a friendly environment. Those who answer should attempt to understand and acknowledge an issue even if not relevant to them personally.

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This behavior creates the impression that the Fedora community is uninterested in and ignorant of particular kinds of security issues.

Thanks for your feedback!

You seem to be missing logs here?

From what I recall, this was related to your questions about rpmfusion (which you were directed to the #rpmfusion channel for) and mp3 codecs (which is a legal matter beyond our control).

We discussed this at todays meeting.

Evilbob is going to take this under consideration.

We are also going to try and be quicker with quiets when there's disruption going on so it doesn't escalate.

Thanks for your feedback.

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