#168 EvilBob recurring hostility - specifically in this case a mental health personal attack
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My IRC nick is: sekhmet

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The user "EvilBob" is frequently rather hostile towards users, sometimes engaging in personal attacks. Each isolated incident taken on its own is often not too bad, but I've grown very weary of seeing it happen again and again. I figure I'll start logging them here, with logs attached, unless you'd prefer that I not do so. In this particular case, a user had been asking questions about verifying the authenticity of rpmfusion RPMs, and EvilBob eventually said (after having been silent for the majority of the conversation) "At this point I suggest you seek professional help" and "I'm sure there is a psychiatrist in your neighborhood." IMO, that kind of thing simply doesn't belong in #fedora. Again, if it were an isolated incident I probably wouldn't think twice about it, but it's a common occurrence. I'll attach the logs of this particular conversation.

Please note other IRC nicks that are involved in this interaction: EvilBob, Eduard_Munteanu

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I'd appreciate it if EvilBob were asked by an op to try and adhere to the channel's "Be Polite" and "Avoid Flaming" guidelines. Times are in GMT-5, on 2014.07.09

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attached; lines 24-25 and 44, specifically. I trimmed out unrelated JOIN/PARTs and also one unrelated question which was asked in the middle of the discussion.

IRC logs of the conversation in question

IRC logs of the conversation in question

(Bah, sorry, uploaded an incomplete file first, and then neglected to check the "replace existing file" checkbox. fedora-evilbob-log.2.txt contains the full discussion)

So, IMHO, I agree that Bob should try and be more polite.

There's some history here with this user asking the same things over and over, but that doesn't excuse being rude to them.

We discussed this at today's meeting.

Evilbob is going to take this under consideration.

We are also going to try and be quicker with quiets when there's disruption going on so it doesn't escalate.

Thanks for your feedback.

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