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My IRC nick is: SchieNach

Hello, I was in #fedora-social on Sun Jun 16 and witnessed an altercation between EvilBob and dhaval2712. Where dhaval was discussing a plan with 7 proxies to avoid NSA and dhaval said something on the lines of why we find it so shocking. and evilbob respond with "what you being a dumbass , not shocking/unexpected at all" and proceeded to +q him for no reason i was around very long before this conversation and nothing had happened so from my knowledge no previous incidences have occurred. I do not have logs but dan408 said somebody would.

Any additional notes or logs:

Thanks for your feedback!

So, a few things to note:

The user you mention was simply quieted for 15minutes. A quiet is used as a way to stop someone who is starting to be disruptive and give them a short timeout to stop and reconsider what they are doing and relax instead of a problem escalating. It's a very short break (15minutes).

The user you mention has attempted several times to start political discussions, despite being asked to not do so. There's lots of other places to have heated political debates, there's no need or desire for them in a social channel. You didn't see any other incidences, because they had been in the previous month or so, not the previous few minutes. I think you jumped to conclusions from insufficient information.

In any case, I don't see any abuse here, barring further information.

That may be so that he causes problems. But he wasn't at the time he was just discussing his idea of a proxy type system which was inspired by nsa type politics but wasn't directly involving politics. He gets called a dumbass from an admin which seems very proper to me (a bit of sarcasm). Unfortunately it seems even if this was a big deal nothing would be done anyway but it was worth a shot. Considering how many tickets are out against evilbob yet nothing is done.

Well as to not waste any more time I have chosen to close the ticket. As for one the community has been this way for years from the looks. Admins apparently have immunity. There also is no point in trying to get to the bottom of this if I'm no longer going to be in the channel.

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