#127 Hey why am i being treated like an idiot for asking?
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My IRC nick is: tales1

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ticket: i started getting an error message on startup and when i came to ask how to solve it they answered that it was me who was failing. Why? Probably because i installed Fedora? I asked several times the two guys who were there telling me that i should live with the error message on my screen "Please ignore my question and let others try to answer" but they didn't want to. Why do they sit in the channel and prevent others to help? I don't know if they are channel administrators or not, but that's not what you expect from a support channel. Most of the time people who enter the channel to ask a question are not experts, but that doesn't mean that they are failures, and wow, telling someone "learn to live with the error in your screen" is not the support answer you expect.

Please note other IRC nicks that are involved in this interaction: fenrus02, R

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this feedback: well, for starters, instruct people that if they are not interested in answering a question just ignore the person who is asking. If someone doesn't understand or can help in a support question, he/she should not answer or treat the other as a donk.

Any additional notes or logs: i will attach the chat log

[23:44] <Tales1> DBus error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties' on object at path /193_abacdeac_data
[23:44] <Tales1> anyone knows about this?
[23:44] <zhashuyu> But is there possible mount nfs with nautilus?
[23:45] <[R]> who cares
[23:45] <[R]> [09:42:43] [R] zhashuyu: takes all of 5 seconds
[23:45] <Tales1> how can i fix freedesktop?
[23:50] <fenrus02> Tales1, you dont, it is not broken. rewind. what is actually not working?
[23:51] <Tales1> then, what does my error message mean?
[23:51] <fenrus02> Tales1, what is actually not working?
[23:52] <Tales1> DBus error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties' on object at path /193_abacdeac_data
[23:52] <fenrus02> you fail.
[23:52] <Tales1> oh thanks as usual, i totally understand, you can't be more clear
[23:52] <Tales1> donk
[23:53] <[R]> lol
[23:53] <fenrus02> Tales1, you have yet to answer the very simple question i asked. takes zero technical skills.
[23:53] <fenrus02> Tales1, until you do that, you fail. simple as that.
[23:54] <Tales1> i come here for help and all i get is a stupid telling me "you fail", that's just great, even the less intelligent person in the world can understand that when the system throws an error is because something failed
[23:55] <Tales1> and i don't know what otherwise i wouldn't be asking
[23:56] <[R]> Tales1: maybe you should just answer the questions...
[23:57] <fenrus02> it is a simple question Tales1 .. as i mentioned above, requires ZERO technical skill to answer. If you are not having a problem, then you are worried over a triviality that will become clear in time.
[23:58] <Tales1> i'm sorry but i'm getting an error on startup... i pasted it in here... i'm used to windows where you have a problem when you get an error message, i didn't knw Fedora likes to throw error messages when everything is ok
[23:59] <fenrus02> sounds like you are not having any problems then.
[00:02] <Tales1> if i were an expert, i would not be here asking, but i can't be clearer than that: something is wrong because i'm getting an error message and an error message usually means something is wrong... what?... i can't tell! Fedora installs thousands of things behind the scenes. most of them i can't even explain so, what's wrong? i don't know maybe something that i don't use
[00:03] <fenrus02> heh
[00:03] <Tales1> but SOMETHING is wrong, and if you are not willing to help, i appreciate if you don't get in the way of someone who can be probably interested in my problem, someone who will not tell me i'm an idiot because i can't understand that my computer has an error that was not there before
[00:03] <fenrus02> clearly nothing is wrong.
[00:05] <Tales1> if this was not a problem everyone should be getting the same error message i'm getting with a warning like "Please ignore this error message, your system is completely ok, but Fedora likes to throw error messages to find out if you're watching our startup process"
[00:07] * fenrus02 chuckles politely
[00:07] <fenrus02> Tales1, clearly you cannot find anything wrong, so what is the real problem?
[00:08] <fenrus02> merely stuck on a triviality?
[00:09] <Tales1> again, please if someone is interested in helping me with a problem i will really appreciate it. Thanks a lot fenrus02 for your time, but you;re not the person who i'm looking for, so specifically for you "ignore my question please"
[00:09] <fenrus02> you have not explained any actual problem
[00:09] <fenrus02> in fact, you cannot find one
[00:10] <fenrus02> i could explain the message to you, but it would be meaningless because you cannot find any actual problem
[00:10] <fenrus02> starting to get the picture yet Tales1 ?
[00:10] <Tales1> I'm getting this error several times on startup: DBus error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties' on object at path /193_abacdeac_data if someone knws what it means or how do i remove it, please let me know
[00:10] <fenrus02> @saylucky Tales1 freedesktop unknwnmethod dbus
[00:10] <fedbot> Tales1: Google found nothing. (this is a google 'I feel lucky' search result)
[00:11] <fenrus02> @saylucky Tales1 freedesktop unknownmethod dbus
[00:11] <fedbot> Tales1: http://dbus.freedesktop.org/doc/dbus-java/api/org/freedesktop/DBus.Error.UnknownMethod.html (this is a google 'I feel lucky' search result)
[00:11] <fenrus02> helps if you spell it properly.
[00:12] <[R]> Tales1: why do you need to remoev it?
[00:12] <Tales1> lol, why? because it is an error on startup and i don't like errors on my computer, that's the reason
[00:13] * shantorn has quit (Quit: leaving)
[00:13] <fenrus02> click the link above. it explains the error.
[00:13] * nmudgal (~nmudgal@unaffiliated/nmudgal) has joined #fedora
[00:13] * shantorn (~shantorn@ has joined #fedora
[00:14] <Tales1> i already have the page open, long before you pasted it here, but sadly i don't understand anything
[00:15] <Tales1> and if you open this other page: http://dbus.freedesktop.org/doc/dbus-specification.html#standard-interfaces-properties it says hat it is actually a method of freedesktop
[00:15] <Tales1> so, the second page contradicts the first page
[00:16] <Tales1> since i'm just a website, php programmer, i don't really understand what is going on with my computer.
[00:17] <[R]> since you dont, you can just accept what we are telling you
[00:17] <[R]> and ignore it
[00:18] * duvjones (~duvjones@ has joined #fedora
[00:19] <fenrus02> freedesktop is part of an api. it is not a standalone application.
[00:19] <Tales1> well, no, sorry but i can't, as i told fenrus02, if you don't want to help me it is totally ok, but NOBODY likes getting errors on their computers and i wanna get rid of it
[00:19] <fenrus02> it has a www site, as above
[00:19] <fenrus02> Tales1, once you find what is actually broken, you will see how to fix it
[00:19] <fenrus02> likely just some feature you are not using

Thanks for your feedback!

fix up log to be more readable...

Discussed your ticket in our meeting 2012-09-27. Thank you for the feedback, sorry your experience was not what you expected. Hope in the end you were able to resolve the many issues you encountered.

-- Bob

It seems to me that simply saying:

"Yes, an error is thrown and logged because something is trying to access a method that isn't there. However, this is not a problem as your system appears to be working fine anyway."

would have defused the issue. He did not understand the docs, and did not understand that an error being thrown by an API does not always mean there's breakage.

Yeesh, people.

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