#126 very unfriendly and harsh attitude
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ticket: i asked a question, and was met with rather a lot of repeated hostility from EvilBob. One thing is to ask people to read the manual, another is to repeatedly do it in a way that insinuates that the user is a moron.

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this feedback: Teaching EvilBob about basic good behaviour.

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<adamt> Hi, using f17, is anybody aware of an easy way of installing the git contrib things?
<FranciscoD> adamt: git contrib things?
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<EvilBob> adamt: man yum
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<EvilBob> adamt: read about groups, listing and installing them
<adamt> EvilBob, that hardly helps if the software isn't available in the official repos in the first place.
<muep> what software are you looking for?
<EvilBob> It isn't?
<adamt> FranciscoD, https://github.com/apenwarr/git-subtree/blob/master/THIS-REPO-IS-OBSOLETE talks about git-subtree being included in v. 1.7.11, but only in the contrib subtree, and it doesn't seem to be included in the official git packages for f17
<EvilBob> You've yet to be clear EXACTLY what you are looking for so you've hardly helped anyone help you
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<FranciscoD> adamt: someone will have to package them up, if they arent in the repos
<adamt> so i'm asking whether anybody made another git package that contains that.
<adamt> (or know of anybody who did, etc.)
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<muep> adamt: you might file a bug if some important content from the upstream git sources is not included in fedora packages
<FranciscoD> muep: ++
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<FranciscoD> adamt: yum list git gives me quite a few packages, had a look at them?
<EvilBob> /usr/share/doc/git-
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<adamt> Oho.
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<adamt> Seems rather weird it ended up in ../doc/.. but thanks for finding that.
<EvilBob> Whatever
<adamt> It take it my lack of smileys have fostered an unfriendly atmosphere.
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<EvilBob> read the man page for yum
<EvilBob> learn to use the tools so others don't have to do it for you.
<adamt> How is this a yum issue?
<EvilBob> It's not a yum issue, it's a user issue
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<EvilBob> and the user is you
<adamt> Considering the script was probably included in some documentation dir by accident, and actually isn't installed, i really don't get why you're so unfriendly towards me and my original question.
<muep> yum has search functions which could have been used to find the subtree stuff
<EvilBob> read the man page for yum
<EvilBob> learn to use the tools so others don't have to do it for you.
<muep> sometimes scripts are intentionally provided just as documentation and not as easily accessible programs
<adamt> rtfm isn't a nice answer, you could just have said "yum can search for files, check the man-page to get going", and everybody would have been happy.
<EvilBob> It's hardly helpful to spout off that something is hardly helpful when you have not even bothered to look on your own
<EvilBob> adamt: I did
<EvilBob> <EvilBob> adamt: man yum
<EvilBob> <EvilBob> adamt: read about groups, listing and installing them
<EvilBob> that was based on your initially vague query
<adamt> Ok i'm going to be the bigger man, thank you for finding the script.
<EvilBob> whatever
<EvilBob> read the man page for yum

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irc log of the original conversation also referenced in the ticket, including the additional snide remarks from evilbob

The conversation started around 11:32 CEST, and the attached log ends at 12:07 CEST.

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