#4 Write F34 Change Proposal for Fedora i3 Spin
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Write a Fedora Change Proposal to introduce a new Spin to the Fedora F33 or F34 release cycle and submit to Fedora Program Manager @bcotton


A next step to build on the kickstart work done so far by the Fedora i3 team is to move forward with building an official Spin. This is to propose our Spin as an official build candidate for Fedora release process. The i3 Spin would subsequently be released alongside each major Fedora release, and our SIG accepts voluntary responsibility to make sure the Spin builds with all currently-supported releases of Fedora.


To do this, we start with a Change Proposal. We can target the 33 ChangeSet, but if we need more time and slip to the 34 ChangeSet, that is okay too. There is a template available here for drafting a new Change Proposal.

I am tag-teaming this with @nasirhm. We will work on completing this together and report back when a draft is ready.


Fedora i3 joins the official Fedora Spin releases in a coming Fedora release

I don't like too much the naming i3+Xfce in every mention. Maybe it's ok since we based it on the Xfce ISO, but it doesn't sound nor loolk ok.

Thank you very much @jflory7 for writing the draft,

I would like to suggest changing the XFCE+i3 to i3, as the latest ks which I'm working on doesn't have any XFCE stuff and I'm currently adding the apps from the brainstorm wiki [1] to work in harmony with i3.

There are some changes that we would need to take care of if we take this path. I think this could be a good topic to be discussed in a meeting in Open floor.

1: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/i3/Brainstorm

I know that we already have vim-minimal in the group core and nano in the group standard, but i would like to add gedit too. For the people that still like a graphic text editor that you can copy and paste with ctrl + c ctrl + v , cause its easily than ctrl + alt + v.

i have been naming the isos i3xfce because i3-xfce breaks a lot of my buildscripts

Thanks for the catch on i3+Xfce. I wasn't aware. I edited the issue to just call it "Fedora i3".

I haven't had a lot of cycles to put into this, but I am also wondering if we should postpone proposing the change until we are a little more organized. Maybe after Nest?

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Discussed in 2020-10-06 meeting.

@nasirhm gave an update on the Kickstart status. He is doing some final checks on the Spin Guidelines to make sure we are compliant, but the work is mostly done. There are a few minor tweaks that folks like @x3mboy are working on (e.g. Mousepad text editor).

So, the game is afoot! I think we are now ready to make a F34 Change proposal. I took an action item in today's meeting to write a first draft of the Change Proposal for review by our next meeting on Tuesday, October 20th.

Also, @nasirhm volunteered to be the liaison for the Change to FESCo. Of course, the Change will be "owned" by the SIG but Nasir will take point on relaying feedback from FESCo to the SIG. If anyone else would like to be more hands-on with this, let us know in this ticket. :grinning:

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In our meeting today, we were looking for final +1/-1 votes on submitting the Change into the Change Process. SIG members, please add your votes to the ticket!


+1, Once we've got the splitted Kickstart.

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once the kickstart is ready: +1 from me

Reminder that we will submit the F34 Change Proposal by end-of-day tomorrow (Tuesday). As per last week's announcement, please let us know if you have any final feedback on the F34 Change Proposal for an i3wm Spin.

F.Y.I. @bcotton, this will be coming to your desk soon. :wink:

F.Y.I. @bcotton, this will be coming to your desk soon.

No advance notice is necessary.

I'm going to change this to a Self-Contained change and submit it to the mailing list for discussion. New Spins/Labs are generally considered Self-Contained. However, they still require a check with release engineering, which is missing. Please file that issue in the coming week. I will not submit this to FESCo until a releng ticket exists.

Actually, disregard the last comment. I'm setting the change back to ChangePageIncomplete, as it does not have trademark approval from the Council yet. This is documented in the HTML comments of the template and the Change submission guidance. See Council ticket 269 as a recent example.

Once you have trademark approval from the Council and a releng ticket filed, you can set the category back to ChangeReadyForWrangler and I'll proceed with it.

@bcotton Thanks for the info. I opened two new tickets to get this on track:

I'll update the Change status once both tickets are resolved.

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RelEng acknowledges the Fedora i3 Spin for Fedora 34. They will take our kickstarts for building in Pungi composes when we are ready.

The Fedora Council approved our trademark use for the Fedora i3 Spin. I resubmitted the i3 F34 Change for review by @bcotton. Stay tuned for more.

As cited above, it is submitted! :tada: Thanks all for helping us get this far. :rocket: Now we just need to coordinate with RelEng on the composes. :grinning:

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