Releases 351

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- BSD fixes - Don't build Xsession by default - Fix monitor hotplug segfault - kdbus fixes - Translation updates
- Fix double free introduced in 3.16.1
- set XORG_RUN_AS_USER_OK=1 to tell the X server it's okay to drop privileges - Fix wtmp handling - ConsoleKit fixes for BSDs - Make sure plymouth is quit if GDM fails to start - make sure objects are nullified in dispose handlers - Translation updates
- Fix plymouth quitting that broke in 3.15.92
- Correct logic inversion in debugging features comment in /etc/gdm/custom.conf - Translation updates
- Fix user-switching for autologin - Fix flicker between boot splash and login screen - Fix timed login - systemd unit fixes - ConsoleKit fixes - misc cleanups - document debugging features in custom.conf - die more forcefully if we can't set up the ttys the way we want - Translation updates
- Fix hang on logout of wayland - Drop caribou autostart file
- Fix hang on VT switch - Translation updates
- Improved debug output - more X-without-root fixes - pass LANG to gdm daemon - fix hang with autologin - Less flicker with wayland
- Code clarification - Initial Setup fixes - X-without-root fixes - Translation updates
- Pass DISPLAY/XAUTHORITY to dbus-daemon - Translation updates
- Disable gnome-initial-setup for now - One more stab at the widespread "No user list" problem - Fix X session environment to use provided dbus-daemon - Translation updates
- Fix crashers in gdm-wayland-session and gdm-x-session - Start dbus-daemon in more platform agnostic way - clean up log spew - fix accountsservice race leading to gnome-shell tanking on startup for some people.
- Fix daemon/WaylandEnable check - Compiler warning fixes - Translation updates
- Fix pam_ecryptfs on Fedora - Launch user sessions on a separate VT from login screen for seat0 - Use wayland by default on login screen (can turn off with daemon/WaylandEnable=false) - deprecate ConsoleKit and disable by default - Significant code clean ups - Fix xdmcp/ShowLocalGreeter config option - memory leak fixes - Translation updates
- Actually set XDG_SESSION_TYPE in user sessions - Don't require plymouth if using systemd - require --without-plymouth to disable plymouth support
- set XDG_SESSION_TYPE in user sessions - propagate XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XCURSOR_PATH into login sessions - Require plymouth if using systemd - Translation updates
- Fix session selection for smartcard users. - Don't warp pointer anymore - Translation updates
- Update fedora PAM config to be more tolerant of /etc/nologin - leak fixes in libgdm - Fix spew on console generated from conversations that get cancelled when they're closing - Drop some lingering fallback greeter cruft - Translation updates
- Translation updates
- Compat fixes to work with latest caribou - minor code clean up - Translation updates
- Fix crash when typing password at screen lock - Fix default signal mask of session to not block SIGUSR1 - Memory leak fixes - Fix for when building without consolekit - Fix autologin pam config on GNOME Continuous - Fix timed login race - Again read LANG from accountsservice - misc fixes - Translation updates
- Work around ugly "Last Login" messages in fedora - Fix PATH variable - Fix undead worker processes - Fix crash on logout after user switching
- Drop dead code - support XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP - Fix PID file in build goo - doap file fix ups - Improve Fedora PAM config with regard to gnome-kerying - Small wayland fixes - ConsoleKit fixes - Fixes to non-GDM session unlock corner cases - Translation updates
- Fix automatic login - Fix timed login - Translation updates
- BSD build fixes
- BSD build fixes - Experimental Wayland support - Support gnome-shell unlocking from non GDM sessions - drop slave process - onscreen keyboard support at login screen - Translation updates
- Code clean ups - Leak fixes - Log X server to systemd journal - Log fixes on none systemd systems - Fail better when invoked wrong - Change how dconf settings are used - FreeBSD build fixes - Translation updates
- Treat '' returned from a PAM module as "no username set" in the same way NULL is. - Fix to work with more open dbus policy - Translation updates
- Infinite loop fix - Require debugging to be explicitly enabled in unstable versions - Pass LC_ vars from system to user session - Fix PAM reauthentication - Translation updates
- XDMCP fixes - BSD portability fixes - Assorted changes to build goop - Translation updates
- Don't say we're updating btmp when we aren't - PAM updates for exherbo/lfs - Translation updates
- Translation updates
- Drop references to unused AUTHDIR directory - Fix up gdmflexiserver's loginscreen identification code - Assume PAM_RADIO_TYPE is a "yes/no" question - Translation updates
- Drop cruft from configure file - Drop dead PAM code - Fix spew on shutdown - Translation updates
- make selinux explicitly build time optional - update pam config files for LFS - tell user when their password is expired - fix crasher when logging in and out quickly - various auth session fixes - enable smartcard authentication by default - add setting for disabling password authentication - give more friendly messages on password failure - Translation updates
- Add back fallback greeter (woops)
- drop configure flag that doesn't do anything (--with-incomplete-locales) - fix warning on shutdown - ConsoleKit fix - support logind without systemd - stop setting KRB5CCNAME again - Various gnome-initial-setup fixes - Translation updates
- (no changes)
- Correct path of run dir - don't set _XROOTPMAP_ID at startup anymore - Translation updates
- Add gdm-pin service file - use 0711 for directories - don't enable systemd journal if systemd is disabled - Add a --with-run-dir - Start to land prerequisite bits needed for future systemd-ification
- Randr performance improvement - Remove gdm wrapper script - Integrate better with systemd journal - Use glib signal handling helpers instead of home brew ones - Don't load gio modules in launch environment - Enable gsd keyboard plugin in launch environment - Don't warp pointer to 0,0 - Don't record a login uid for gdm's login session - Other misc fixes - Translation updates
- Fix xauthoriation for su/ssh compatibility
- Drop dead code - Deprecation fixes - Compiler warning fixes - Change default location of language config file - Be more resiliant against hostname changes - Fix spew in error path - Translation updates
- Fix occasional failure at startup - Fix peer-to-peer dbus communication on BSDs - Fix host based access control if gdm-initial-setup user doesn't exist - Translation updates
- Various InitialSetup fixes - ignore pam info messages for automatic logins - unlock fixes - user switching fix on consolekit systems - be more robust against empty user shells/home dirs - create program session log file as root instead of after setuid - properly reload gdm.schemas on SIGHUP - bring back gdmflexiserver - Translation updates
- Update exherbo PAM config - screen reading fixes - start dbus-daemon inside greeter session - Translation updates
- Fix crasher when hitting escape really fast at unlock time
- More PAM distro changes - Clean up initialization code - export Version property over bus - SELinux integration - ConsoleKit fixes - Autologin fixes - Make reauthentication session have user's environment - Translations updates
- More PAM distro support - misc data file changes - Fix multi-seat - More debug messages - Memory leak fix - initial-setup feature fixes - use yelp-tools for docs - Reauth fixes - Drop libxklavier dependency - Make PostLogin failures to fail login - Translations updates
- Reauthentication fixes - Change user-switching mechanism from gdmflexiserver helper to libgdm - Set KRB5CCNAME environment variable for session - Memory leaks and other misc fixes - Translation updates
- Add initial setup integration - Code clean ups/refactoring - Make initial VT a ./configure option - "Fix" timed login - Fix up ConsoleKit integration post-gdbus port - Translation updates
- Fix non autologin - Translation updates
- Fix autologin - Update PAM configuration for red hat distros - Make sure gdm-client-glue.h gets installed with libgdm - Change SetupForProgram interface to allow specifying a username - Drop GdmGreeterSession and GdmChooserSession, just use GdmWelcomeSession directly - Change dconf profile to be compatible with latest dconf - Fix VerificationComplete signal for external gdm clients - Translation updates
- be less chatty in syslog - start polkit agent in fallback session - rename libgdmgreeter to libgdm and change api - port to gdbus - deprecation fixes - PAM file reorganization - reload settings on SIGHUP - misc fixes - Translation updates
- Robustness updates for greeter dbus-daemon life-cycle management - Add ability to disable documentation generation at build time - Add more verbosity in PAM code - Use systemd to shutdown from greeter - Use new gnome-shell mode - Add ability to build with plymouth support - save log to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/gdm/session.log instead of ~/.xsession-errors
- Fix autologin
- Translation updates
- ConsoleKit fixes
- Only start Xorg with high verbosity when debug is enabled - Land support for systemd and multi-seat - switch from GConf to GSettings - auth fixes - miscellaneous fixes - Translation updates
- change the way we do dconf again (bug 662168)
- legacy authentication fixes - change the way we do dconf - rearrange pam files for fingerprint/smartcard - add new "disable-user-list" gsettings key - allow users to connect to local $DISPLAY when ssh'd in without mucking with xauth - Translation updates
- Translation updates
- Leak fixes - Fix autologin - Activate keyboard layout explicitly at startup - Move extensions settings to common code - Add setting for login screen logo to common code - Create empty gdm.d dconf subdir tree at install time - Translation updates
- Enable new g-s-d plugins for tablets - Enable maintainer mode by default - Greeter session handling fixes - Update for gnome-power-manager move to g-s-d - Translation updates
- Register greeter session with PAM - Add framework for gnome-shell based greeter - Plug xdmcp chooser leak - Fix problem with --disable-split-authentication - Switch to --enable-split-authentication by default - Misc other fixes and cleanups - Translation updates
- gtk size negotiation fixes - do not propagate WINDOWPATH if its unset to begin with - audit fixes - break cycle between greeter and slave for session notification - Screenshots in docs! - Don't hardcode path to grep - Fix introspection xml - allow .xsession-errors to be a symlink or FIFO - PAM fixes - switch to .xz by default - dconf fixes - land multi-stack - Translation updates
- Ship valid dconf database
- Register /bin/true as URI scheme handler for several schemes (CVE-2011-1709)
- Register /bin/true as URI scheme handler for several schemas (CVE-2011-1709) - Translation updates
- Update copyright notices - Crasher fixes - Force symbolic icons in panel - Translation updates
Version 2.32.1 =============== - Reorganize Solaris login device permissions code - Fix PostSession call in abnormal session exits - Varouns user manager fixes - Add support for system-release file to greeter display - XDMCP ipv6 fixes - CVE-2011-0727 - change to user before copying user files - Translation updates
Version 2.91.94 =============== - Warp pointer to convenient place at start up - Fix crash with autologin - Don't show empty names in user list - Add a gdm session file for gnome-session to use - Fix fuzzy icon in greeter - Drop faces images - Translation updates
- Fall back to username in user list if user doesn't have real name configured • 11 years ago
- Be more robust against unexpected changes from accounts service - Move some custom widgets to builder file out of source code - Load accounts settings before showing session selector - Fix crash for passwordless login - other misc fixes - Translation updates
Version 2.91.92 =============== - dconf overrides db generation clean ups - ensure accounts service account is loaded before login - slightly change hue of fg color - maintain worker environment solely in PAM - Translation updates
- Fix bug that some times prevent user list from coming up • 11 years ago
Version 2.91.90 =============== - Make better use of iso-codes - Fix g-s-d lockdown - Set SIGPIPE to default before starting session - Fix disconnect button for XDMCP connections - GTK 3 fixes - Add back session chooser - Move greeter to accounts service library - Update dconf defaults to reflect new schema names - Translation updates
- Move to gtk3 - Apply a thick layer of gnome 3 textured paint - Move from ~/.dmrc to accounts service - Be more robust against missing icons - Translation updates
- Omit version in login window if unknown • 11 years ago
- Fix version display when release file is empty - User manager async fixes - Add greeter specific dconf database for lockdown - XDMCP/ipv6 fix - Fix to make sure PostSession is always called when appropriate - Solaris permissions fix - Only automatically login on boot when autologin is enabled, not after logout - Enable braille reader support when screenreading is enabled - Beep when login window is ready - Make beeps audible by enable event sounds - Translation updates
Version 2.32.0 =============== - Translation updates
Version 2.31.92 =============== - Change orca invocation to work better with latest release - Fix "Other..." item in network-login-only scenarios - Move gdm.schemas to pkgdatadir - XDMCP fixes - Improve ordering of languages in languages list - Make various slow calls asynchronous that blocked before - Fix up dbus security policy - Various other fixes - Translation updates
Version 2.31.90 =============== - Port to upower - Don't stomp on $LANGUAGE environment variable - Don't show markup in UI - Fix cancel button - Reask user for password a few times, before failing - Load users asynchronously - Handle EINTR on getpw* calls - Translation updates
Version 2.30.5 =============== - Retry getpw* calls if they return EINTR - #619588, don't show markup tags in UI - #626564, fix intermittent failure to load user list - Translation fixes
Version 2.30.2 =============== - Build fixes
Version 2.29.6 =============== - Various build fixes - Crash fix in layout detection - Crash fix in session list detection - Remove timeout for interacting with PAM - Fix compile with --no-as-needed - Add debug message if system lacks fonts - Disable switch user item if user switching won't work
Version 2.29.5 =============== - XDMCP fixes on Solaris - run PostLogin script as user instead of gdm - Fix ellipses usage on User Switch Applet - Add ability to customize system language list - Solaris NULL printf fixes - Convert from glade to gtkbuilder - Detect default keyboard layout better - Ignore executable subfolders of xinitrc.d - Don't reveal valid usernames when authenticating
Version 2.29.4 =============== - Remove deprecated function g_mapped_file_free - Fix option widgets to work better with orca - make --with-custom-conf work - Don't hard code path to policykit agent - Don't backup xkb configuration before login
Tagging the release for 2.28.0. • 13 years ago
2009-04-14 Ray Strode <> * NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=6805
2009-03-19 Brian Cameron <> • 13 years ago
* Release 2.20.10: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=6787
2009-03-13 Ray Strode <> * NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=6776
2009-03-11 Ray Strode <> • 13 years ago
* NEWS: Update for release * bump to 2.25.92 svn path=/trunk/; revision=6765
2008-12-16 William Jon McCann <> * NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=6642
2008-12-10 Brian Cameron <> • 13 years ago
* Release 2.20.9: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=6633
svn path=/trunk/; revision=6619
2008-11-18 William Jon McCann <> • 13 years ago
* NEWS: Update for release svn path=/branches/gnome-2-24/; revision=6602
svn path=/trunk/; revision=6542
2008-09-08 William Jon McCann <> • 14 years ago
* NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=6487
2008-09-03 Brian Cameron <> • 14 years ago
* Release 2.20.8: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=6461
2008-08-25 William Jon McCann <> * NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=6431
2008-07-30 William Jon McCann <> * * NEWS: Update for 2.23.2 release svn path=/trunk/; revision=6340
Brian Cameron <> • 14 years ago
* Release 2.20.7: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=6278
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_20_6; revision=6234
svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=6233
2008-05-01 William Jon McCann <> • 14 years ago
* daemon/main.c (bus_reconnect): Might be good to actually start the manager after reconnecting to the bus. svn path=/trunk/; revision=6199
2008-04-07 Brian Cameron <> • 14 years ago
* Release 2.20.5: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=6126
2008-03-10 William Jon McCann <> * NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=5992
2008-03-10 Brian Cameron <> • 14 years ago
* C/gdm.xml: Bump revision and date. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=5987
2008-02-25 William Jon McCann <> * NEWS: Update for release. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5872
2008-02-12 William Jon McCann <> * NEWS: Update for release. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5752
2008-01-30 William Jon McCann <> * NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=5646
2008-01-18 William Jon McCann <> * NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=5616
2008-01-07 Brian Cameron <> • 14 years ago
* Release 2.20.3: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=5608
2007-12-18 William Jon McCann <> • 14 years ago
* NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=5569
2007-11-26 Brian Cameron <> • 14 years ago
* Release 2.20.2: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=5527
2007-11-12 William Jon McCann <> • 14 years ago
* NEWS: Update for 2.21.2. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5502
2007-10-31 William Jon McCann <> * NEWS: Update for release svn path=/trunk/; revision=5465
* common/gdm-address.c: (gdm_address_new_from_sockaddr), (gdm_address_peek_local_list): * common/gdm-address.h: * daemon/gdm-xdmcp-display-factory.c: (do_bind), (create_address_from_request), (decode_packet): * gui/simple-chooser/gdm-host-chooser-widget.c: (decode_packet), (find_broadcast_addresses), (add_hosts): The function gdm_address_new_from_sockaddr_storage gets called in a few places with socket addresses that aren't necessary sockaddr_storage bytes big (all the places that call getaddrinfo). This results in the memdup call in that function potentially copying out of bounds bytes. Patch from: Ray Strode <> svn path=/branches/mccann-gobject/; revision=5360
* daemon/gdm-xdmcp-manager.c: Decrease num_sessions when appropriate. Otherwise GDM incorrectly thinks the maximum number of XDMCP connections has been reached. Fixes bug #478441. Patch by Francis Giraldeau <>. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5336
2007-09-17 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* gui/gdmcommon.c, gui/ Properly propegate the new atspidir to the c-file. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-20/; revision=5268
2007-09-06 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.19.8: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5231
2007-08-27 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.19.7: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5190
2007-08-15 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.19.6: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5156
svn path=/branches/gnome-2-18/; revision=5107
2006-07-30 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.14.13: * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-14/; revision=5106
svn path=/branches/gnome-2-16/; revision=5104
2007-07-09 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.19.5: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5096
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_19_4; revision=5050
2007-07-09 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Add icon-theme.cache file to distuninstallcheck_listfiles so "make distcheck" works. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5049
2007-05-28 Brian CAmero <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.18.3: * Update to new release version. * NEWS: Updated svn path=/branches/gnome-2-18/; revision=5037
2007-06-17 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.19.3: * Updated to new release version * NEWS: Updated. * README.install: Some updates for Solaris and to make things a bit more clear. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5001
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_19_2; revision=4960
2007-06-04 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* docs/C/gdm.xml: Rewrote the "gdmdynamic Command Line Options" section to fix a problem with xml2po crashing while trying to process the file. This problem was caused because some of the <varlistentry> items did not have values for the <term> tag, which seemed to make xml2po unhappy. Rewording this section avoids this problem. svn path=/trunk/; revision=4959
2007-05-28 William Jon McCann <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.18.2: * Update to new release version. * NEWS: Updated svn path=/branches/gnome-2-18/; revision=4943
2007-05-14 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* README.install: Minor update to Solaris recommended configuration. svn path=/trunk/; revision=4921
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_19_1; revision=4919
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_19_1; revision=4862
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_19_1; revision=4859
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_19_1; revision=4856
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_14_12; revision=4810
2007-09-09 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* POTFILES.skip: Add and so "make distcheck" works. The files are in the file, so no need to have them twice. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-14/; revision=4809
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_16_6; revision=4807
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_14_12; revision=4804
Not sure why, but the 2.16 build fails if these files are not present • 15 years ago
even though they are generated. This issue is fixed in 2.18, and since there likely won't be manymore 2.16 builds it is just easier to add these back. I removed them a while back, but didn't realize it would break "make distcheck". svn path=/branches/gnome-2-16/; revision=4803
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_18_1; revision=4798
svn path=/branches/gnome-2-18/; revision=4796
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_18_1; revision=4788
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_18_1; revision=4783
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_18_0; revision=4668
2007-03-12 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* POTFILES.skip: Fix make distcheck again. Someone broke this. Please don't remove files from POTFILES.skip unless you fix make distcheck a different way. svn path=/trunk/; revision=4667
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_17_8; revision=4623
Remove en_GB from configure since we don't build this directory. • 15 years ago
svn path=/trunk/; revision=4622
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_17_7; revision=4586
svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_17_7; revision=4584
Removing bad tag. svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_17_7; revision=4582
2006-01-21 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.17.7: * Update to new release version. * NEWS: Updated. * docs/C/gdm.xml: Update version number. svn path=/trunk/; revision=4580
Removing bad tag. svn path=/tags/GDM2_2_16_5; revision=4554
2007-01-29 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
*, POTFILES.skip: Fix make distcheck. This requires putting * files into POTFILES.skip for those files where the file contains a * file. svn path=/branches/gnome-2-16/; revision=4553
2006-01-21 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.17.6: * Update to new release version. * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/trunk/; revision=4534
2006-01-07 Brian Cameron <> • 15 years ago
* Release 2.17.5: * Update to new release version. * NEWS: Updated. svn path=/trunk/; revision=4526