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rpm automation to simplify the creation of fonts packages
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The fonts-rpm-macros project is an effort to streamline font packaging, helping font packagers to produce clean, consistent and sane packages.

It contains:

  • spec templates and rpm macros
  • fontconfig templates and documentation

… and any other material we feel can help font packagers in their work. New templates are added whenever a new packaging pattern is identified.


The fonts-rpm-macros project was initiated by the Fedora Fonts Special Interest Group, and is the reference for Fedora font packaging guidelines. It is therefore a bit rpm-oriented. However great care was extended to keep it distribution-neutral, and contributors from other distributions are welcome, even if they use different packaging systems, and want to add non-rpm templates.



fonts-rpm-macros is licensed under the GPL version 3 or later. The spec templates are licensed under the MIT license.