Trello to Taiga synchronization

Tool used to synchronize Trello board with Taiga board.

What is synchronized

* Card's name, description and status (list/column)
* Comments
* Tasks (Checklists)

How the synchronization works

Creating cards:

* When you create new card in Taiga, new card in Trello is created with the Fedora label.
* When you create new card in Trello and add Fedora label to it, new card in Taiga is created.
* When you remove the Fedora label, the card remains in both Taiga and Trello, but it is not synchronized anymore.
* When you later re-add the Fedora label to Trello card, the card is re-synchronized with the original Taiga card.

Adding comments:

* When you add comment to Trello/Taiga card, it is forwarded to the matching Taiga/Trello card.
* Because the API does not allow writing comments as someone else, the comment is sent from the
bot account and the comment itself contains the original author in following format: "Author wrote: foo bar".

Working with Tasks/Checklists:

* Trello checklists are synchronized with Taiga as Taiga tasks and the other way around.
* The task/checkitem status (complete/incomplete) is synchronized between both Taiga and Trello.
* The task name changes are also synchronized between both.


If you edit matching Taiga and Trello cards in the very same time (the same second basically), there is no way to find out which
one has the more up-to-date data. Conflicts are then handled like this:

When you add comment to both cards in the same time, both comments are added to both cards.

When you change the description, name, status of both cards in the same time, the Trello card change
overwrites the Taiga card change. The same happens for checklist/tasks changes.