#52 [team sprint / workshop] Fedora Diversity & Inclusion team sprint
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This team sprint is an opportunity for the Fedora Diversity & Inclusion team to work through existing tasks and tickets to plan ahead for the next six months / year of where we hope to take our team.

Top priorities for our team include but are not limited to:

Secondary priorities include migrating to Fedora Docs from the wiki fedora-diversity#61, strategies to grow our team fedora-diversity#65, involvement with external organizations on D&I topics (e.g. CHAOSS) fedora-diversity#67, the demographic survey (from our 2017 team FAD) fedora-diversity#62, and language inclusivity brainstorming fedora-diversity#33.

This is a valuable opportunity for many people of the team to work together in person to work through blockers, identify top priorities, and establish realistic goals for what this team can accomplish in the following year.

Who is needed

…and most certainly others from the Fedora community to widen some of our own perspective. :grinning:

This is a…

Based on the daily schedule, I was not sure which format worked best for our team. If several other teams run a half- or full-day hackfest simultaneously, this format is also helpful for us; but I don't want to be running a half-day event in isolation from other sessions at Flock. If this is the case, a two hour workshop is a better format.

  • FAD/Hackfest that lasts a half-day (preferred)
  • 2 hours: Workshop

Anything else to know?

At minimum, easy access to power / electricity is essential.

Otherwise, a large table (or 2-4 joined tables) is the preferred format. It should be like a round-table discussion, not a speaker-audience dynamic.

Who am I?

  • Name: Justin W. Flory
  • FAS ID: jflory7
  • IRC nick: jwf

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