#2329 Proposal: allow releng to delay the start of mass rebuilds without approval
Closed: Accepted 3 years ago by decathorpe. Opened 3 years ago by bcotton.

This a generalization of #2326. From a release schedule perspective, the end of the mass rebuild window is the important part, not the beginning. Since mass rebuilds tend to (as an unfortunate coincidence) fall near DevConf.CZ and Flock, we could potentially be dealing with conflicts in every release cycle.

We could deal with this on a release-by-release basis, but I'd rather take a more flexible approach. So I present the following proposal:

Release Engineering may delay the start of the mass rebuild by up to five calendar days, provided they notify the community of the delay.

The reason behind the five day limit is that puts it to the Monday after the schedule says it starts. This would give RelEng sufficient flexibility in most cases, and they can request explicit approval for delays longer than this.

Even with the five day delay, this still allows ample time for two-plus full rebuilds, as I am told that the current mass rebuild takes about 5 days for RPMs and another day for modules. The schedule provides a 20-day window. So except in extraordinary cases, this will not impact release schedules and it allows the folks doing the work to make their own decision about how to best accommodate schedule conflicts.'

cc @mohanboddu, who discussed this with me via IRC and is in favor

+1 assuming the notification comes prior to the scheduled date, not after (except unforeseen circumstances)

We can also collect the data and move the start permanently, if we see this happening every time.

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