#2063 F31 Change: Ibus-typing-booster default for Indian languages
Opened 2 months ago by bcotton. Modified 16 days ago

Make ibus-typing-booster the default input method for Indian languages.

In the Change proposal: please change "he" to "they" (or equivalent), see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singular_they.


-1 until the discussion on devel is sorted.

It's been ~10 days since the last post on the devel thread. Can we move forward with a vote on this proposal now?

@otaylor do you consider the answers on devel satisfying?

/me doesn't know much about Ibus, but it seemed like there were unanswered concerns.

Yeah I also would like to hear from @otaylor.

/me begins the "@otaylor, @otaylor, @otaylor, @otaylor…" chant.

My take on it is that the user interface experience isn't sufficiently integrated to make this a good move for Fedora 30... out-of-the-box we need to have default input method for all users that you don't need to learn about or configure - that just works and seems like part of the operating system.

I think it would be great to encourage users who regularly input in indic languages to try this out in F29 and F30 - get some feedback about how it works for them, what they have problems with, figure out which of the many configure options are actually important, and which don't need to be easily accessed. Then hopefully we can refine the user interface and look at this for Fedora 31.

Metadata Update from @jforbes:
- Issue tagged with: meeting

a month ago

AGREED: Ibus-typing-booster default for Indian language is delegated to the Workstation WG as they have the best understanding of the problem (+7,0,-0) (jforbes, 15:08:06)

ACTION: otaylor will take the issue to the Workstation WG (jforbes,15:12:44)

Metadata Update from @jforbes:
- Issue untagged with: meeting

a month ago

@otaylor do we have an update from Workstation WG?

code complete deadline was 2 days ago.

Proposal to vote on: Move this change proposal to Fedora 31 (this doesn't mean approval).

mfabian told me that he doesn't mind defering this change to F31.

+1 to @churchyard

Change is moved to F31 (without approval or disapproval). (+5, 0, 0)

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