#1847 Request Permission to Retire w/o Responsive Maintainer
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Release Engineering has received a request to retire xchat-ruby.

Typically Release Engineering steers retirement requests back to the maintainer, however, in this case the maintainer has been unresponsive since August 2017.

Please advise Release Engineering on two fronts:

  • for this instance please let us know if we may go ahead and retire the package
  • for the future, please advise what we should document as our SOP for the duration of time to wait before we can retire a package owned by an unresponsive maintainer

there is a documented response for a non responsive maintainer https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Policy_for_nonresponsive_package_maintainers so lets consider this as the start of the request for @konradm. @vondruch can you please let us know how you attempted contact?

I have not tried to contact him except the BZ. I asked @rishi while ago to resolve this, so may be he tried.

Yes, as per my conversation with @vondruch on devel@lists.fp.o, I had emailed konradm@fedoraproject.org on 31st August 2017. However, I didn't get any response.

Last koji build by konradm is 2016-03-11.
Last distgit activity is around 3 years ago (I only checked octave, protobuf-c, fftw, bchunk, those seem as more known packages).
Last bugzilla activity is 2017-07-21, and only sporadic before that.
The bug for xchat-ruby is https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1486752.

I'd say we proceed with the retirement of xchat-ruby without delay, it's unlikely that Conrad is just away temporarily. For the other packages, let's go through the formal steps, i.e. a message to fedora-devel and then orphan konradm's packages.

$ python fedora_active_user.py --user konradm
Last login in FAS:
   konradm 2017-09-19
Last action on koji:
   Sat, 19 Aug 2017 package list entry revoked: protobuf-c in dist-6E-epel by pkgdb
Last package update on bodhi:
   2016-03-05 01:21:05 on package terminology-0.9.1-5.fc23
Last actions performed according to fedmsg:
  - jkurik commented on RHBZ#1486752 'Update/retire xchat-ruby' on 2018-02-20 16:39:58 ()
  (and more actions by other people, this part seems useless)

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Looks like he's now, or has recently been, a FreeBSD dev: https://wiki.freebsd.org/ConradMeyer (see https://marc.info/?a=143632574300001&r=1&w=2 for an e-mail address and an archive of mails), unless that's just a name clash. But there too, nothing after January 2017.

AGREED: proceed immediately with retiring xchat-ruby, and open the
procedure on fedora-devel for nonresponisve maintainer (+5,0,0)

ACTION: zbyszek to retire xchat-ruby and start non responsive
process for developer. (nirik, 15:52:58)

Hi, I'm still around and still use Fedora daily. Looks like I haven't been getting bugzilla email, though. +1 to retiring xchat-ruby based on the bug.

Oh, I sent an e-mail to fedora-devel, also addressed to you, and it bounced. I'll reply on fedora-devel, to let people know that this is cleared up. So this ticket is done, nothing to do here.

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