#1760 F27 approved Changes not in MODIFIED status (considered as not testable)
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on 2017-Aug-01 we have reached Fedora 27 Change Checkpoint: Completion deadline (testable). At this point, all accepted changes should be substantially complete, and testable. Change tracking bugs should be set to MODIFIED state to indicate it achieved completeness.

The following link is a dynamic Bugzilla query showing all the tracking bugs of approved Changes for F27 which are not at least in MODIFIED state: Not testable Changes.

On Friday on 2017-Aug-11, before the FESCo meeting, I will do review all of these Changes and I will update this ticket with static list of Changes needing FESCo review.

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5 years ago

These will be discussed on the 2017-08-11 FESCo meeting at 16:00UTC.

CC @ausil @ignatenkobrain @jcajka @jhrozek @jvanek @kengert @langdon @catanzaro @nmav @otaylor @pjones @psabata @bowlofeggs @ralph @remi @rharwood

The above is the list of people listed as PoC on the Change BZs as of right now. Please update your Changes (see the link in the description of this issue) if they are ready for testing.

This is the static list of Changes not being marked as "testable":

32 bit UEFI Support

  • Tracking bug: #1474861
  • Status: No response from the Change owner
  • Change owner: @pjones

Bodhi Non-RPM Artifacts

Graphical Applications as Flatpaks

  • Tracking bug: #1474769
  • Status: No response from the Change owner
  • Change owner: @otaylor

Java 9

  • Tracking bug: #1447237
  • Status: No response from the Change owner
  • Change owner: @jvanek

Kerberos KCM credential cache by default

Modular Release

  • Tracking bug: #1474935
  • Status: No response from the Change owner
  • Change owner: @ralph

Modular Server

  • Tracking bug: #1474931
  • Status: No response from the Change owner
  • Change owner: @langdon

No More Alphas

  • Tracking bug: #1432874
  • Status: This Change is difficult to test as it consists not only technical changes in the infrastructure, but it includes also process changes and changes of Fedora Release Cycle. As mentioned by @adamwill , all this changes are currently "in progress". From my POV this can be considered as "testable".
  • Change owner: @ausil , @adamwill

NSS Default File Format SQL

  • Tracking bug: #1474771
  • Status: No response from the Change owner
  • Change owner: @kengert

Packaging Rust applications/libraries

PHP 7.2

Platform Python Stack

Reduce Initial Setup Redundancy

Remove krb5-appl

Switch libidn-using applications to IDNA2008

True Noarch Erlang Packages

PHP 7.2 moved to F28 as F27 is planned for October which PHP 7.2.0 is planed for November/December

* Incomplete Changes - 32 bit UEFI Support  (sgallagh, 16:41:47)
  * AGREED: Defer to F28 unless pjones reports that it's already done
    and just not updated (+6, 0, -0)  (sgallagh, 16:44:43)

* Incomplete Changes - Bodhi Non-RPM Artifacts  (sgallagh, 16:45:29)
  * AGREED: Bodhi non-RPM Artifacts is expected to be ready by bodhi
    enablement, so we give it a pass today. (+6, 0, -0)  (sgallagh,

* Incomplete Changes - True Noarch Erlang Packages  (sgallagh, 16:59:59)
  * AGREED: Noarch Erlang is deferred to F28 (+6, 0, -0)  (sgallagh,

* Incomplete Changes - Graphical Applications as Flatpaks  (sgallagh,
  * AGREED: extend the deadline for Flatpak to three days before Beta
    Freeze (+6, 0, -0)  (sgallagh, 17:12:39)

* Incomplete Changes - Packaging Rust applications/libraries  (sgallagh,
  * LINK:
    <-- for reference  (ignatenkobrain, 17:15:04)
  * LINK: https://pagure.io/pyrpmmd   (Pharaoh_Atem, 17:23:21)
  * AGREED: Defer this Change to F28 and FESCo will try to get rel-eng's
    attention focused on it (+5, 0, -0)  (sgallagh, 17:26:34)

* Incomplete Changes - Java 9  (sgallagh, 17:30:43)
  * AGREED: Defer Java 9 to F28 (+5, 0, -0)  (sgallagh, 17:34:39)

* Incomplete Changes - Modular Release  (sgallagh, 17:35:39)
  * LINK: https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/6183
    (threebean, 17:41:07)
  * AGREED: extend the deadline to three days before Beta Freeze (+5, 0,
    -0)  (sgallagh, 17:44:30)

* Incomplete Changes - Modular Server  (sgallagh, 17:44:46)

* Incomplete Changes - No More Alphas  (sgallagh, 17:52:41)
  * AGREED: Consider it testable (+5, 0, -0)  (sgallagh, 17:58:14)

* Incomplete Changes - NSS Default File Format SQL  (sgallagh, 17:58:26)
  * We cannot find any clear evidence whether this has been implemented
    yet in Rawhide  (sgallagh, 18:04:34)
  * AGREED: Defer to F28 unless it's found to already have been
    implemented in Rawhide (+5, 0, -0)  (sgallagh, 18:04:58)

* Incomplete Changes - PHP 7.2  (sgallagh, 18:05:17)

* Incomplete Changes - Platform Python Stack  (sgallagh, 18:06:21)
  * LINK: https://pagure.io/releng/issue/6917   (mhroncok, 18:07:31)
  * Changes are ready and will be pushed next week  (sgallagh, 18:09:52)

* Incomplete Changes - Reduce Initial Setup Redundancy  (sgallagh,
  * deferred by Change Owner  (sgallagh, 18:10:46)

* Incomplete Changes - Remove krb5-appl  (sgallagh, 18:10:55)
  * Communication failure. This Change is ready  (sgallagh, 18:11:29)
  * Incomplete Changes - Switch libidn-using applications to
    IDNA2008Switch libidn-using applications to IDNA2008  (sgallagh,
  * Deferred by Change Owner  (sgallagh, 18:11:55)

The decision for the following Changes was postponed on the last FESCo meeting. I would like to ask FESCo to review it again:

Bodhi Non-RPM Artifacts

Graphical Applications as Flatpaks

Modular Server

Change owner of the following Change requests FESCo to revise the decision and grant an exception to accept this Change into F27:

Java 9

Adding to the meeting agenda for today's (2017-08-18) FESCo meeting at 16:00 UTC. @jvanek, would be great if you could join to discuss Java 9.

  • AGREED: Allow Java 9 as a late exception for F27, as it's already
    ready to land (+1:5, 0:0, -1:0) (kalev, 16:23:59)
  • Modular Server work continues and we'll do another review on the
    status before the Beta freeze (kalev, 16:33:32)
  • same with Flatpak and Bodhi non-RPM Artifacts as well. (kalev,

We also discussed a late exception to 32bit UEFI Support (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1474861) and agreed to:

  • AGREED: Include 32bit UEFI Support in F27 (+1:5, 0:0, -1:0) (kalev,

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5 years ago

It sounds like FESCo was supposed to do another review on a few of the late exceptions before beta freeze, and I think we forgot to do that last week. I'm going to add this to tomororw's meeting:

2017-09-08 at 16:00:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on Freenode.

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5 years ago

We discussed modular server/bodhi and Flatpaks during today's meeting.

Modular server / Bodhi non-RPMs

  1. @threebean will attempt to get a Freeze Break Request on Fedora Infrastructure to deploy a special Bodhi release that adds only modular mashing support to Bodhi next week.
  2. FESCo will again discuss modular server during next week's meeting, in light of the Bodhi deployment, as well as the F27 beta go/no-go meeting next Thursday.


We agreed to defer the Flatpak change to Fedora 28, while allowing it to be deployed to infrastructure in between their freeze windows.


Are there issues that need to be discussed in today's FESCo meeting here, or can we remove the "meeting" keyword?

FESCo Meeting 2017-09-15 Modular Server:

#agreed proposal: ask for formal ack from qa/releng/websites about this plan, write and approve a actual schedule with dates, make sure modular server passes release testing at any milestones. (+1:5, -1:0, +0:0)

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5 years ago

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