Fedora nightly image finder

This tool generates JSON and HTML data on Fedora nightly compose images. For each image, it tracks successful composes and - if openQA or Autocloud tests the image - whether it passed all tests. It stores details of failed tests, and the HTML output includes links to them. The HTML file is intended to be served for users to be able to conveniently locate the most recent successful and/or tested compose of a given image for Rawhide and Branched.

/var/www/fedora_nightlies must exist and allow the user running the tool to read and create files. The JSON file is /var/www/fedora_nightlies/nightlies.json, and the HTML file is /var/www/fedora_nightlies/nightlies.html; these also must be readable and writeable by the user running the tool. You are expected to configure some kind of web server to serve out nightlies.html (and optionally the JSON file also), so it must be allowed to read it/them.

To initialize the data, run the script directly (or as fedora_nightlies after doing python setup.py install). To use the fedora-messaging consumer which updates the data automatically whenever a compose appears or testing for one completes, ensure fedora-messaging is installed, run python setup.py install, copy fedora_nightlies.toml to /etc/fedora-messaging and adjust it as necessary (at least change the queue name), and enable and start the systemd service:

sudo systemctl enable fm-consumer@fedora_nightlies
sudo systemctl start fm-consumer@fedora_nightlies