#161 btrfs Disks integration
Opened 2 years ago by aday. Modified 2 years ago

If btrfs is going to be the default filesystem for workstation, the default disk management app (currently gnome-disk-utility, aka "Disks") ought to be compatible with it.

In some respects, btrfs looks a bit nicer in Disks than the current default LVM setup, in the sense that, with btrfs, you can see the total space used of the main partition.

The downside is that there's no indication that the /home subvolume exists. At the very least, Disks ought to show this, since it is needed for reinstalling while preserving home. Users should be able to verify the existence of the /home subvolume without resorting to the command line.

There's some preliminary discussion about this in an upstream ticket. Design and development are needed.

CC @ngompa @hellcp

Metadata Update from @ngompa:
- Issue assigned to hellcp

2 years ago

Branch is this Tuesday. Beta freeze is 25 Aug. Final freeze is 6 Oct.

Is there time to produce a minimal approach? i.e. make just the /home subvolume visible in a way that hopefully also indicates a relationship to the parent volume? (Rather that looking like it has independence.)

@hellcp Can you provide an update on the expected time frame for preferred and minimalist approaches to this issue? Thanks.

Also, I'm curious if you received a notification for the previous comment, because curiously while you're assignee, you're not listed as a subscriber. I filed a pagure bug about that. But if you didn't get a notification that'd make the bug more serious rather than somewhat cosmetic.

I've seen it, I have just been extra busy so I couldn't really do much recently. I will take a look in as much of free time as I got tomorrow, and try to get it submitted ;)

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