#837 Listen to fedimg.image.publish topic to get latest Atomic AMI list
Merged 2 years ago by robyduck. Opened 2 years ago by sinnykumari.
sinnykumari/fedora-websites atomic_ami_fix  into  master

file modified
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ 

  cache_file = '/tmp/fedora_websites_fedimg.cache'

  dateformat = '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%MZ'

  base_url = 'https://apps.fedoraproject.org/datagrepper/raw'

- topic = "org.fedoraproject.prod.fedimg.image.upload"

+ topic = "org.fedoraproject.prod.fedimg.image.publish"


  session = requests.session()


@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ 


  def filter_messages(messages, target):

      for message in messages:

-         if target in str(message) and 'completed' in str(message):

+         if target in str(message):

              yield message



This can be merged without any impact on current Atomic page on Website. This is because fedimg is publishing fedimg.image.publish from past 1 months. So, existing website will work without any issue.

Tested locally.

Ok, but will this work also in a week or two? As @dustymabe mentioned, Cloud Base AMIs use a different version than Atomic AMIs. If you are sure it will not break anything in the next weeks, I'm fine with this PR. +1
Thank you.

@sinnykumari so you're saying the fedora cloud base AMIs also had a fedimg.image.publish fedmsg ?

basically if the answer to the following question is "YES" then I'm +1:

  • Will the Fedora Cloud Base AMIs from F28 release day still show up on the website?

Also, please rebase so we can prevent merge commit

Yes, it will work for Cloud Base AMIs too. Both Cloud Base and Atomic Host AMIs are published using same fedmig version.

A bit of context:
fedimg-1.2.0 was deployed around 1 months back. In this release, fedimg was sending fedimg.image.upload for all regions (for backward compatibility) and also fedimg.image.publish (which is newly added). In fedimg-2.0.0, we use fedimg.image.upload only for successful upload notification and fedimg.image.publish when AMIs successfully gets published to regions.
Fedimg releases - https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedimg/releases

That's why we have fedimg.image.publish fedmsg for both Atomic and Cloud Base AMIs from past 1 months. This includes fedmsg for AMIs published during F28 GA for Cloud Base which was from 25th April.

This PR is to make sure that AMIs get listed properly for future releases. For example: without this PR, Atomic page on website won't show AMis list.

I have rebuilt locally alt.f.p.o as well with this change and it shows Fedora Cloud Base AMIs correctly.

rebased onto 2b1715b

2 years ago

Ok then let's go for it.

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2 years ago