#817 Don't trim anything from AMI destination
Merged 2 years ago by robyduck. Opened 2 years ago by sinnykumari.
sinnykumari/fedora-websites add-ami-regions  into  f28

@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ 

                  if matches(upload['extra']):

                      ami = upload['extra']['id']

                      # The region looks like "EC2 (REGION)", so we strip stuff.

-                     region = upload['destination'][5:-1]

+                     region = upload['destination']

                      results[name][region] = ami


      shelf['timestamp'] = datetime.utcnow()

Now, destination field doesn't contain EC2 in it

Signed-off-by: Sinny Kumari sinny@redhat.com

We already fixed this for Atomic in PR#809. Required for cloud-base images as well.

Yes, correct. Should we change also the comment? Merging this PR in the meanwhile. Thx.

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2 years ago