#1122 static: Update Fedora favicon to new logo across all sites
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ 

          <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="${path}/static/css/ie7.css" media="screen" />



-     <noscript> 

+     <noscript>

          <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="${path}/static/css/nojs.css" />

-     </noscript> 

+     </noscript>


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Many of our websites are still using the Fedora Classic logo as the
favicon. I took the new website favicon from getfedora.org (which
strangely was not updated here) and copied it into the paths for all the
sites hosted here already.

CC: @mattdm @duffy

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9 months ago

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9 months ago

Upon digging into this, this change will also impact the Fedora Docs site as it seems to get its favicon from fedoraproject.org/static/images/favicon.ico as well. So it is also an impacted site by this change.

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9 months ago

budget.fedoraproject.org, getfedora.org (in this repo) and fedoraproject.org are retired and no longer built on prod/stg.
For fedoraproject.org, there is a permanent redirect to getfedora.org on the index page. But the favicon is still used by docs.fedoraproject.org as you noticed, and also by registry.fedoraproject.org and start.fedoraproject.org (the link is broken on that last one, actually).

That may be a good idea to modify this redirect to use the favicon from getfedora instead. I'm not sure it's really useful to keep all the content of fedoraproject.org on our proxies only for a favicon.

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9 months ago

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9 months ago

So docs.fp-o and registry.fp-o are now using the new favicon from getfedora.
This leave us with fedoracommunity, flocktofedora, and start.fp-o that still uses the old one.
Can you add those to this PR too ?

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  • static: Add favicon to remaining four sites
9 months ago

@darknao Oh, good catch. Not sure how I missed the other sites. Fixed in commit 721c779070c89fefc21aa43566d3189c019f85e1!

I figure to keep the new favicon in all places where a favicon already exists, just in case someone comes to check out this code, copy or repurpose it for something else, etc. We can follow up on PRs like #1094 to remove the purged sites.

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9 months ago

Any objections before this is merged?

The icon on fedoracommunity is already set in fedoracommunity.org/data/templates/css.html, and is overriding the one you put in the master template.
Everything else looks good.

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9 months ago

Thanks @darknao, I didn't catch that. Fixed in commit ca249dbe14b9959917aea2e82be7011c4dca5217. With that, this should be all set to merge!

I will squash commits down to one and then merge this in. :thumbsup:

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