#992 releases.json is outdated on https://getfedora.org/releases.json
Closed: Fixed 9 months ago by codeblock. Opened 9 months ago by frantisekz.

https://getfedora.org/releases.json needs to be updated for Fedora 31 Release.

Fedora Media Writer is showing Fedora 30 as latest because of that.

Metadata Update from @codeblock:
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9 months ago

@codeblock Are you sure it's fixed? I still see Fedora 30 https://getfedora.org/releases.json ... Might be some caching though.

@bcotton , yeah, just got that too :)

@codeblock Thanks!

Btw, shouldn't we document this somewhere/update SOP so this doesn't happen next release? Automation would be nice, I can try to help with that too.

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