#969 flocktofedora.org is not fully mobile ready
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You don't need a mobile phone, you can achieve the same result on a desktop resizing a browser window. My mobile phone has a screen size 1080x1920 but with the display pixel ratio equal 3 the logical display size is 360x640. So you should make sure that the website looks good at the screen width 360 pixels or less.

I am not experienced in a web development but I can see 3 items which do not fit into that screen:

  • The title word "BUDAPEST" (visible on the screenshot). It has unnecessary margins which should be removed: note that margins do not change the appearance of a centered text on a wide screen while they make it not fit on a small screen. Additionally, it should have a dynamic font size depending on the screen size. The fonts are OK on desktops so I recommend that the font becomes dynamic only on small screens.
  • The table with the calendar. Also a dynamic font size is recommended.
  • The sponsor logos. Should be resized, again dynamically.

Some links about dynamic font sizes:

One more, We can also change the "container" s to "container-fluid" so that the text doesn't get squeezed in the middle like this,
We should make it like this,

The title word, calendar, and sponsors are also easily fixed;

Where can I find the guide to submitting my changes?

Thanks :D

Where can I find the guide to submitting my changes?

@yozaam you can file a pull request against this repo with your changes. See the README file in the root of this repo for instructions on building a local test.

Hi, I checked the flocktofedora.org website and realized this issue still persists. Can I work on it?

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