#968 Increased minimum system requirements for Workstation
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Moving from https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issue/76, the Workstation download page https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/download/ currently contains the following text:

"Fedora requires a minimum of 10GB disk, 1GB RAM, and a 1GHz processor to install and run successfully."

The minimum requirements are increased to 20GB and 2GB RAM. Please update the website text. Thanks!

(The other requested changes in the original issue seem obsolete with the new website.)

I think we probably should recommend at least 4GB. On x86_64 with 2GB, you're going to be hitting swap more than you like. Likewise, we should probably recommend more disk space — on my laptop right now I see 24GB used in /, and I have a separate /home.

Whether we make that the minimum or call out separate minimum and recommended, I don't care.

I'm half-tempted to also note that Intel or AMD graphics are going to be a nicer experience because of their open source support.

Proposal 2 has enough votes

Fedora Workstation requires a minimum of 20GB disk, 2GB RAM, to install and run successfully. And double those amounts is recommended.

Could someone update this ticket with an expected time frame for the change, or what additional information is needed from the Workstation working group to progress this issue forward? getfedora.org right now contains fairly stale information for minimum hardware requirements. Thanks.

@chrismurphy I guess we should add this issue to our Council progress reports with the red flag. We're clearly unable to get a response here even for the simplest possible issue of just changing a couple text strings.

FWIW, the Council is aware that the websites team is a zombie at the moment, but it wouldn't hurt to keep that flagged in your status reports.

getfedora is housed in another repo, so I've opened fedora-web/websites#73 and I'll make this update momentarily

Fixed in websites commit 041ed56, which will be picked up in the next websites build (which runs hourly, IIRC).

Please follow up on fedora-web/websites#73 if there are still issues. Sorry that this sat so long.

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