#941 alt downloads french: "netinstall" is translated and breaks the design
Opened a year ago by anisse. Modified a year ago

On https://alt.fedoraproject.org/fr/alt/ "netinstall" is translated and its long translation breaks the design of the page.

Ouch, that is pretty ugly. Thanks for the report, I'll think about what to do here.

If we just let it make the row bigger (clearfix or whatever), the icon on the left will be floating weirdly.

This is a translation issue. People just can't write endless sentences as translated string instead of 3 words in english. We discussed this years ago with them. A fast solution would be to switch the string back to English, but the online translation is not working actually.

I don't think our design should totally break because of a slightly longer string, though.

Well, you are right when you say '''slightly longer''', and our design will not break in that case. But here it is more than twice long...
EN: 538MB netinstall ISO
FR: Image ISO d'installation à travers le réseau 538 Mio

Why they don't use the same as here? https://getfedora.org/fr/server/download/

Also in other languages the word '''netinstall''' is not translated at all.

The translation is indeed way too long and may have been translated like this by me.
I can make it shorter with "ISO d'installation réseau 538 Mio", but is this still an issue? I can't find any design bug.

I did a quick test on the page (right click-> inspect elemet -> edit the text), and "ISO d'installation réseau 538 Mio" is still too long. "ISO réseau 538 Mio" would work.

I also did more tests by resizing the page, and on Firefox, with a width between 992px and 1199 pixels, the design will be botched in a similar fashion, even on the english page ( https://alt.fedoraproject.org/en/alt/ )

Also, and I missed it last time: the "Image de conteneur Docker" translation is also multi-line, which would break the table if it wasn't the last one.

OK, I'll fix the French translation, everything is indeed too long, but the Layout is indeed buggy.

Here are two screenshots:


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