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The Fedora Podcast is part of a Marketing team strategy to reach more people. Right now is being pushed through the Fedora Magazine, but it's also being stored in x3mboy fp.o. This site is using the docs' theme/template, but we like to give it a more proper presentation for a podcast website.


Other podcast have relevant and better designed websites that gain attraction from people.


I don't have any specific recpmmendation but some examples (ordered from great designs to poor designs):

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Is there any idea for this? Also I don't know if I need to request some storage from infrastructure, can anyone help me with this?

@x3mboy I think this is better to handle with a dynamic website and a DB. Using static websites is not ideal here IMHO. I see this kind of website more in the direction of the Magazine. Any other thoughts?

I suggested x3mboy to see with @bex if podcast could get closer to documentation so it makes localization easier: https://pagure.io/g11n/issue/56

I don't have sufficient technical skills to argue for or against a "dynamic website and a DB". I'll be happy to help the translation of this anyway.

@jibecfed I have a localization ticket for transcripts, and I want this site to handle both:

  • The Podcast itself
  • The localized transcripts

I'm still not sure if I need to request something from infra. But I'm requesting help from design#584

Can we revisit this? I still need a site for the podcast and still don't know if I need to ask something to infra guys.

For this site I need:

Header: The header should have the subscriptions to the feeds: Simplecast, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.
News feed: Being able to publish every new episode with a little description here I will embed the Soundcloud Player of each episode.
Storage: I need storage to provide people an alternative way to download the episodes (ATM I'm storaging the files on my fedorapeople.org)

What about this idea?

Move the podcasts site to docs.fedoraproject.org. This would give you a repo for the pages and a second repository for the audio files. There are two repositories so that clones of the pages don't take forever :) While git is suboptimal for audio files, it is a small number of them and it is easier than building a second system.

We could then publish everything to docs.fedoraproject.org and it will go out to the CDN.

This is minimally invasive for infra and should be easy to setup (@asamalik ???)

The two potential challenges I see are:

1) URL - we could probably get you an alias/redirect via infra

2) RSS - I don't know the easiest way to produce an RSS feed, however there may be a standalone way to do this. I am willing to help out some here.


I think that can work.

For the RSS, I'm not sure about what are you thinking, I have a Podcast RSS provider (SimpleCast), I was talking about a way to include a little part about every new released episode, but I can do that by editing the .adoc and including the new episode in the top. For the audio files storage, I'm not sure if git is the best option here, not because of the number of file but for the size of them.

Also, I need to figure it out how to include embedded js in an .adoc file, to include the SoundCloud player of each episode.

Managing like the docs' site will be really close of what I'm doing today (creating an static HTML in my fedorapeople) so this way I'm not altering the way I'm working today. I requested a mockup to design#584, I think the biggest challenge here will be how to apply a template to the docs' system.

If you already have RSS that is cool. Embedding the js shouldn't be hard, but I'd need to figure it out.

The template could be the biggest challenge. @asamalik would need to weigh in on this one.

So I thought about it for a day and I feel like the podcast is one of the "products" or "artifacts" of the Fedora community, in a similar way as the Linux distribution we produce, or the Fedora Magazine articles etc.

I think the documentation site is meant to describe how to use the things we produce, or how to help make them. But it shouldn't store them. So I don't think the Docs site is a fit for the podcast.

So I propose we either build a separate site such as "podcast.fedoraproject.org". It feels better even from a marketing perspective. And if there is (will be?) a working group producing the podcast, or if it's a part of Marketing — I'm happy to host the group info and docs about how to produce the podcast on the Docs.

Makes sense?

Sounds like this should be a part of the Fedora-websites repo then. Looks like we need the design finished and coded. Infra will need to hookup the domain to sync from here. I still think the actual data should be in a separate repo to not slow down clones of this one. Infra should be able to enable that.

Ok, I will open a ticket in the Infra Pagure.

To keep al tracket, I will create a tracking ticket in Marketing listing the tickets opened for the podcast website.

We have a yes from infra (fedora-infrastructure#7296), they ask us to have the websites part ready to move on.

Is there any update on this? I'm assuming there is a lot of work since the F29 release but we (mktg) want to roll the new site to launch the 2nd season (to name it).

@x3mboy do you have a finalized design and you just need to push the code somewhere? There are three tickets about this, and it isn't clear to me where the overall project is.

No, I have not a design. The design ticket is waiting on assignee, but there was already a little discussion. If I'm getting it right, the next step is the design, but I'm not sure how it works in terms of websites. I have a tracker ticket fedora-marketing#283 I hope to have a clearer view on how to work with the 3 teams are helping us with this (design, infra and websites) and also, I want to document how to get a new website even if it's on the wiki.

I can help on this if needed. We worked on simplecast podcasts in the Fedora App and I believe the website will be reusing the same logic.

We can pull the new episodes from the simplecast API and generate pages on the website.

Hi websites team. The look and feel of the website is almost done in design#584

To move forward, I want to take @pfrields comment and spin up a fedorainfracloud VM with Wordpress + podcast plugin [1][2]. We already have local storage provided by the infra team.

Thanks for helping with that.

P.D.: Since I'm using simplecast as provider, I think the best plugins are (from highest to lower rate):
[1] https://wordpress.org/plugins/simcast/
[2] https://wordpress.org/plugins/simplecast-epsiodes/

Hi team, the design is ready in design#584.

How can we proceed with the site installment? @amitosh can you help us with this? @robyduck any idea how can we move this forward?

so we are looking for another Wordpress instance here?

I can help with turning the design from the design team into a wordpress theme, but not sure who we have to talk to about getting another wordpress instance set up. (i think maybe infra)

Hi team, the design is ready in design#584.
How can we proceed with the site installment? @amitosh can you help us with this? @robyduck any idea how can we move this forward?

Yes, for a wordpress instance you need to talk to infra, they will setup probably an openshift instance for you similar to the magazine. We can't do much here from a websites team POV.

@x3mboy Was there any progress on this?

@mattdm is stucked in the idea of the wordpress instance

@x3mboy for wordpress, please describe what you need. As a way of referencing, please use the language of the services provided by wpengine.com. I think we can solve this for you with that description.

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